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Firefighters Can Search Your House Without a Warrant

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Pete409, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Pete409

    Pete409 New Member

    Not only can the police search your house without a warrant, now the firefighters can too. It's all being done under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.

    If they find certain things such as guns, ammunition, etc, you may get your butt hauled off to jail and perhaps end up in court trying to prove that you are not a terrorist.

    That ammo you have stockpiled, that gunpowder you use for reloading, those evil looking "assault weapons" you have in your house....... all these things could get your a$$ hauled off to jail if some firefighter happens to see them while inspecting your house. Of course, I have no idea why they would be inspecting your house in the first place, but I'm sure they could think up some excuse. Since they don't need a search warrant, just about any old excuse will do.

    Here is a link to the story.

  2. Mainsail

    Mainsail Active Member

    To have ‘given up’ something implies permission was requested and granted. Nobody asked me anything. This arrogant statement only further displays how out of touch most journalists are with natural rights.
  3. Oohrah

    Oohrah New Member

    Maybe this has not hit the west coast yet, but no, a firefighter can not
    go into a home at will! In fact, only if arson is suspected, can an invest-
    igation be triggered. Signed permission to look might be a start. Once
    a fire that looks suspect, the scene is left, there can not be a return.
    Evidence must be secured until a fire investigater arrives and takes over
    the scene as a possible criminal investigation. Things out of the ordinary
    may be observed, but the investigation is for the source of fire that may
    or may not include unusual fire behavior. Businesses or Public use environ-
    ment come under NBFU law. Thhere is some talk of Homeland Security
    giving information to heads of Fire Agencies and training for fire fighters to
    observe and report unusual conditions. Many others in different levels of
    HS such as Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol have some in volvement. :D
  4. Chipperman

    Chipperman Active Member

    Let's see:
    1. Expressing hate of the U.S.. Well my copies of EFAD and UC should suffice.
    2. Unusual Chemicals.. Unusual for whom?
    3. Ammo and guns, check
    4. Surveillance equip.. Hmm, how about a microphone?
    5. Still and video cameras, check
    6. NVGs-- Guess I'm missing that one
    7. Maps and photos, duh

    Many of these things would be in ANY American's home. What's the threshold of suspicion? If they just don't like the looks of a person, they can report them. Easy harrassment tool.
  5. Cannonball888

    Cannonball888 New Member

    1. hostile. Well, if you're in my house without a warrant I might be.
    2. discontent with the US (government) Yep.
    3. chemicals out of place. (Drano in the living room?)
    4. ammunition, firearms, weapons boxes. Yep
    5. surveillance equipment. Does a webcam count?
    6. Still and video cameras. Yep.
    7. NVGs. Do binocs and a flashlight count?
    8. Maps and photos. I've also got MapQuest, GoogleEarth, and a printer!
  6. alucard0822

    alucard0822 New Member

    AHH, fond memories of college, they are missing "stockpiled cases of oodles of noodles" and "large numbers of empty beverage containers strewn about"

    what was the reason those in washington always tell us why we were attacked? oh yea, the terrorists hate our freedom, guess we showed them whose boss.
  7. Bad Company

    Bad Company New Member

    the firefighters dont give a ****, trust me
  8. Outlaws

    Outlaws New Member

    Well we still have elected "representatives" who people voted for. Until the masses quit voting for the lesser of two evils, like it or not, we did grant that permission.
  9. OH25shooter

    OH25shooter New Member

    Man, they got your goat. This is America...it's written by a reporter...oh my...there's your first clue. Like the other poster stated, firefighters don't give a **** and most cops could care either. Common sense...HELLO!
  10. plexreticle

    plexreticle New Member

    I hope the firefighters search my house if I'm in there and it's burning.
  11. Kimber1911_06238

    Kimber1911_06238 New Member

    I attended the University of CT from 2001-2005. When the police were looking for someone in the dorms, they would pull the firearm and wait at the door. If the person they wanted didn't appear, the firefighters would go check the rooms and make sure nobody was inside!!!

    nothing new
  12. Aguila Blanca

    Aguila Blanca New Member

    Once again, it is important to recognize that laws vary from state to state, and often within a state if cities are empowered to make their own rules. In my state, fire officials have ZERO legal authority to enter a private residence unless they are fighting a fire. If there is an apartment in a building that is the subject of a report of a potential fire hazard, the fire marshal must obtain an adminsitrative search warrant before he/she can set foot through the door. And unless the law has changed recently (and I'm pretty sure it has not), the administrative search warrant limits what they can look for to conditions related to the complaint.

    As to the article:

    I guess I'd fit the profile of a terrorist. Realistically, how many people or families today DON'T own a still camera and/or a video camera? How many people don't have maps in the house? Last I knew, owning firearms and ammunition was legal (except in NYC, Chicago and Washington, of course), so I hardly think that should be seen as an indication of a possible terrorist. Less universal, but the nature of my work means that I always have a pile of blueprints around. It's a PITA because they take up a lot of space, and they irritate my wife. But they don't mean that I'm a terrorist, they mean I'm in a profession that works with blueprints.

    As usual, our all-knowing government is approaching a complex problem with a typically overly simplistic and unreasonably heavy-handed "solution." Thereby demonstrating once again that they really haven't got a clue how to deal with terrorism, but they have to do something to perpetuate the sham that they are protecting us.
  13. Rich K

    Rich K New Member

    the firefighters dont give a ****, trust me

    Neither do the Paramedics, trust me.
  14. Noxx

    Noxx New Member


    I'm a proud american, but be assured, I have NOTHING but discontent for the united states at this time. Arrest me I guess.
  15. Owens

    Owens New Member

    Notice the statement "...are better prepared when they respond to emergency calls."
    Could be wrong, but I don't think there's too much to this.

    Wait....I hear the firetrucks coming!:eek:
  16. elrod

    elrod New Member

    Sound familar? Good ol' government boys. Always helping.:barf:

    To quote Col. Potter of MASH fame, "Horse hockey!"
    With friends like that, we sho' don't need no enemies!:fire:
  17. Mustanger1

    Mustanger1 New Member

    Firefighters can search your home without a warrant

    Bad Company states "Firefighters don't gave a ----" Would Bad Company be so kind as to tell me how he arrived at this conclusion. Must be many thousands of firefighters in the US is he speaking for all of them??????
  18. JohnBT

    JohnBT Active Member

    So the consensus vote is: NO FAIR LOOKING FOR TERRORISTS.

    BTW, I'm still on the lookout for bad guys, aren't you?

  19. Im283

    Im283 New Member

    I think that the firefighters being instructed to look for "items" is just a way for an administrator to cover their butts. God forbid a fireman or crew of them has a real reason to be in a residence and then later it is found out the resident was a terrorist and bomb making supplies, maps, etc were in the dwelling.

    Personally this does not fire ( pun ) me up very much.
  20. Rich K

    Rich K New Member

    Mustanger when fire fighters and/or paramedics show up at your house, they don't care what is laying around unless it could cause them some kind of harm. THeir primary reason for being there is to help you or your family with a medical, or to put out the fire.Most of us don't care one whit what you read or own.
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