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First Time With a Glock

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by savage1r, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. savage1r

    savage1r Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I picked up my new G22 (along with a Walther P22) in trade for a Winchester 70 Stealth I had been trying to get rid of for a while (never really shot it). Last week I finally got a chance to get out on the range with my buddy and run my lead reloads though it (Wolf barrel, don't worry) and I had a great time. Obviously I'm not a great shot and I need to work on my technique quite a bit, but the gun was a dream to shoot, and, worked flawlessly! Check it out:

  2. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    I bought my first Glock in 1991 ... a Gen2 model 20. Until I was edumucated by the internet, to the dangers of lead in Glocks twenty years later, I passed tens of thousands of my cast bullets down its OEM barrel ... I still do in all eight of mine. I don't worry about you shooting lead in yours and many others of us don't either.

    Enjoy you model 22; its a fine shooter.
  3. hentown

    hentown Well-Known Member

    Love my Glocks. However, can't stand the factory connector trigger pull, so I install aftermarket connectors in all my Glocks, including my daily carry G26. Also don't like the feel of nekked plastic in my hands, so I install Agrip on my Glocks.
  4. mapwd

    mapwd Well-Known Member

    I too have fired 100's and 100's of rounds of lead reloads through my glocks, never any leading to speak of.

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