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FN DAO Compact "HiPower"

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ddc, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. ddc

    ddc Well-Known Member

    CDNN has these for $279.99.

    I realize that they are, at best, distant cousins of the original P35 design and probably not even that.

    I was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with them.

    The price is intriguing but the fact that CDNN is apparently closing them out isn't exactly a vote of confidence.

    I wonder if they are selling in Europe but not here in the states?

  2. max popenker

    max popenker Well-Known Member

    Speaking for Europe...

    Full-size GP-Da's are adopted as a military sidearms in Finnland.
    As far ai i know, Finns are less than happy with these Pistoola 90, and consider them fairy inaccurate.

    Just my .02 Euros =)
  3. Alan Fud

    Alan Fud Well-Known Member

    If it's NIB, I'd pick one up at that price. Got a link for it?
  4. ddc

    ddc Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it appears that CDNN doesn't list firearms on their website.

    The only way (that I know of) to see what firearms they have for sale is to download their .PDF catalog. Not bad if you have broadband, a total pain in the a$$ if you have dial-up.

    Here is a link to their website; the "download catalog" option is at the top right of the home page. Link to CDNN

    If you download the catalog the FN DAO compact is on page 9 I believe.
  5. prezzz

    prezzz Well-Known Member

    Bump......'cause I'd like info also. I didn't see this thread and started my own. Everything I been able to research was favorable. I called CDNN today to see what the shipping was and it's only $9.99 for one handgun. Even better and more reason to get one. I think I'm going to risk it and order one.
  6. prezzz

    prezzz Well-Known Member


    I see you have a link to http://world.guns.ru/ Is this your website? That's one of the best firearms information sites on the internet. I use that site very often to learn about guns I may want to purchase.
  7. Coltdriver

    Coltdriver Well-Known Member

    That is an excellent price for a quality piece of equipment.

    The one you are talking about is DAO. There is also a SA/DA with a decocker for a bit more.

    I have handled these but not fired one. They weigh enough that recoil can't be much of a problem.

    They used to sell new for over $500 when they first came on the market.

    They are a cousin to the HP but share no parts or mags. Pure FN quality. They have a black finish that appears baked on but it is first class and very tough.

    I was on a smaller is better kick when I first saw one and these, although compact, are a bit heavy for my money. They are also a bit larger than a Kahr P9 for example. But if you wanted an excellent 9mm they are definitely a quality piece. I'd go for the SA/DA with the decocker if I was going to get one.
  8. prezzz

    prezzz Well-Known Member

    The DAO is perfect for my purpose. My wife has only shot Revolvers afor years and this will be a nice, safe transition to the auto for her.

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