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Foiled by reality!

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by .45Guy, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. .45Guy

    .45Guy Well-Known Member

    Well, my el-cheapo idea of using an RCBS #1 shell holder, and my .38 special dies for .35WSL have come crashing down. OS diameter mics correctly, but I just can't get the crimp quite tight enough. Oh well, another set of dies to buy. Unless anyone has any crazy ideas to get that extra thousandth or two crimp...
  2. .45Guy

    .45Guy Well-Known Member

    Well, finally managed to get a decent crimp! :D
  3. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Does it shoot correctly, and how does the expended brass look afterwards?
  4. .45Guy

    .45Guy Well-Known Member

    Works just fine, even with the OAL a tad longer.
  5. .45Guy

    .45Guy Well-Known Member

    Well, this is interesting. The data I found for .35WSL listed 13.5 grains of 4227 for 1,440 FPS. So being overly cautious, I started at 9.5 grains and worked up to 12. All functioned fine, except the lighter loads were a little weak on ejection.

    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    For reduced loads you may want to use 2400. I've had better luck in my .351's for this reason. Should you switch to 2400 remember a lot of older reloading data doesn't take into account that the burn for 2400 was increased some years ago. I would reduce the loads by at least 10 or 15% to start.

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