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Free M-1 Garands?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Duckster, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Duckster

    Duckster Well-Known Member

    :confused: A few years ago I noticed an article in a magazine stating a U. S. Government Program giving away free M-1 Garands. It stated that it's purpose was to promote shooting competitions and shooting clubs. Is this program still around? I'm getting ready to retire from the Army and have done shooting teams with the Army. If this program is still around, I would be interested.
    I'd be grateful for any info on this, THANKS in advance.
  2. Outlaws

    Outlaws Well-Known Member

    I don't know about free. Maybe a few were donated from the Civilian Marksmanship Program to a few competitions to be given as prizes, but I don't think they were free. But the CMP is were you get them at. They are almost all sold out. The rumor is they got more, but IMO its a rumor until they post something on their website.
  3. hps1

    hps1 Well-Known Member


    As Outlaws said, the CMP is the place, but they never had free Garands, just reasonably priced garands. You would be eligible to purchase one as a vet., but the selection is winding down. I'd look into the progam as soon as possible to maximize your choices @:


    Biggest downside to shooting competition as a civilian after coming off an AMU is the fact that "Uncle" no longer supplies all the ammo you can shoot, but it is manageable.;) :evil: CMP also has M2 ball ammo at reasonable prices and you'll need a supply of reloadable brass. I used LC ball brass for all my match ammo reloading; it can be used to load very competitive ammo, contrary to what some folks seem to think and holds up better in the M1 than civilian brass; the Garand is a bit rough on case heads.

    Thanks for your service, and good luck in continuing your competitive shooting upon separation.

  4. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter Well-Known Member

    Not free, probably a prize, the only thing the feds give away for free is your freedom. You can get a decently priced one from CMP whenever they decide to have some of the damn rifles.
  5. Stickjockey

    Stickjockey Well-Known Member

    Free Garands? Sounds like the "$50 brand-new-jeep-in-a-crate" deal, to me.
  6. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member


    Many years ago the DCM (forerunner of the CMP) offered free (on loan) Garands to shooting clubs with junior marksmanship programs. They were never offered free to individuals, and the clubs eventually had to return the Garands.

  7. hps1

    hps1 Well-Known Member

    When Bill Clinton was cutting up all sorts of Model 52 Win., 1903 & A3 Springfields (including some A4's), and many other fine, collectable old firearms, the DCM did everything they could to get rifles out to the shooting clubs/individuals, or so it seemed. They expedited (to the extent they were allowed) delivery to individuals and also offered to sell the rifles each affiliated club had on loan to those clubs for a very reasonable price. IIRC, the M1's were offered @ just under $100 ea. and the Mod. 44 (or is it 144) Mossberg target .22's were about $50 each.

    The rifles could have remained on loan so long as the club filed their annual reports, could be purchased or could be returned at such time as the club elected, or at such time as the DCM ceased to exist (There was considerable pressure being exerted in congress to abolish the DCM at that time.).

    I do not know if this program is still in effect, or not, since our club purchased all the rifles we had on loan when the sale was offered,

    DCM was removed from dept. of the Army but survived to be re-organized as a civilian corporation in spite of attempts by anti-gunners in Washington to destroy the program. Hopefully it will be able to survive any such future attempts. DCM support was a great assist to local clubs in conducting their junior marksmanship programs.

  8. byf43

    byf43 Well-Known Member

    USSR wrote:
    I agree with everything except the return of the rifles.

    When I was chairing the High Power Rifle program at our club (of which we were an affiliated club with the DCM) we (as a club) were allowed to buy our M1 Garands and our M1 Carbines and our Winchester mdl 52C and Remington 513-T rifles. This was just before the changeover to the CMP, from DCM 'authority'.
  9. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected. I believe our local club dropped their junior marksmanship program and therefor had to return the Garands.


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