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Fun with the Brady Campaign.

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Japle, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Japle

    Japle Well-Known Member

    I've been entering comments on the Brady Campaign's Facebook page for a while.
    They don't stay up very long, since the Bradys can't handle opposition, but it's entertaining and gives them something to do other than make up lies.

    If you have a few spare minutes, give it a try.

  2. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh. I'm never going on that page again. I'm usually of the mind that there is no such thing as a lost cause when debating with someone, but man. Maybe there are some folks on that page who aren't as... misinformed as the ones who choose to post who could be saved. Wow.

    Everyone should add MSNBC to their FBs, though. At least there are reachable people who follow the mainstream news. I think. I saw this posted on their FB earlier. They posted a photo of an EBR below a statistic concerning violence against women.

    Nice of them to point out that the vast majority of those crimes aren't committed using the firearm they posted, eh?

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  3. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Well-Known Member

  4. dbb1776

    dbb1776 Well-Known Member

    I tried to have fun with em but they are nuts. I asked myself if we sound like that. Then I realized I actually use factual data from FBI and CDC statistics. Ignored the data and propaganda from either side of the debate and stuck to the facts as they were presented.
  5. mokin

    mokin Well-Known Member

    I feel sick. I know people who believe that er... stuff.
  6. browneu

    browneu Well-Known Member

    Occupy the NRA is pretty bad. Just as bad as the Brady Campaign. Either crowd will stop at nothing for complete disarmament.

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  7. poolingmyignorance

    poolingmyignorance Well-Known Member

    I've visited and responded to the comments, only to have them met with deletion and being banned from the page. They have NO interest in a discussion or facts. They simply want to lecture and regurgitate propaganda.
    They remind me of a conversation I had with an Obama supporter.
    It amazed me at how many excuses they would make for him.

    One individual adamantly declared that Obama was not anti-gun but "anti-murder" then when he said he would pursue a gun ban it was "well what he was really saying is that he doesn't want weapons of war on the streets, like machine guns".. then when I explained the 86 Hughes amendment, and the difference between machine guns and semi auto replicas the response was "well he's just anti-mass murder". Then when I explained Fast and Furious, what it was, and how it was just a ploy to fabricate crime stats that could be used to incriminate the second amendment I got : "That's just right wing fox propaganda" then I showed him a link to the congressional hearings regarding it, the response was "well police use sting operations for solving crime all the time, and are necessary because our laws don't allow police to just stop in and take what they need to solve crime" IRONY ALERT! He's also a huge tree hugger and protester complaining about big brother and official oppression!!

    So naturally I suggested he go read "The emperors new clothes" I was sure to point it wasn't part of the Star Wars Saga.
    It's like their religion. They'll defend it no matter how many holes you can poke in it.
    And here is a little art from the Occupy NRA's home page http://interoccupy.net/occupythenra/

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  8. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    I don't Facebook, Twitter, hand out my personal info to strangers or stand naked on my lawn either.

    (Hint; joeschmoe isn't my real name either)
  9. poolingmyignorance

    poolingmyignorance Well-Known Member

    Sorry to point this out, but THR is social media....
  10. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member


  11. Ehtereon11B

    Ehtereon11B internet infantryman

    It is good to periodically check in on the Brady people. Just to know who they have speaking about the wonders of gun control. Just make sure you don't have anything in your mouth that may be spit at your monitor while reading their "facts."
  12. ThorinNNY

    ThorinNNY Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly, when James & Sarah Brady`s then teenaged son wanted a rifle(gasp), his mother, Sarah Brady went out and bought it for him since he was underaged.That`s right, Sarah Brady of the Brady campaign, bought her little boy a rifle. Do I detect a whiff of hypocrisy there ? :evil:
  13. silvermane_1

    silvermane_1 Well-Known Member

    ^what do you expect?, most of the biggest Antis are hypocrites.
  14. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    I posted the below article by a liberal gun owner and got this response from a nameless troll;

    The author wasn't making a comparison between the two, he was providing statistical evidence concerning the likelihood of being killed with an "assault weapon" or in a mass-shooting. I guess he figures that murdered lives are more important than negligently lost lives. 9 people die per day in drownings, .88 people die per day via rifles, under which falls the subcategory of so-called "assault" weapons. If saving lives were the goal, the time and money spent on the AWBII would have been better allocated to a pool ban proposal.

  15. poolingmyignorance

    poolingmyignorance Well-Known Member

    The whole liberal mentality is that nobody can do anything wrong, that there are simply too many possibilities (freedom to choose) and they only way we can move forward as a species is to remove the freedom to make choices. (at that point why bother even living?)
    Another gem of wisdom i got when i asked them if gun control was so successful why Chicago had such a high murder rate? Was "Indiana". So i responded "really, the murders commute to Chicago for work everyday?" It's this detachment, from responsibility to bestow mythical influence on inanimate objects that really puzzles me.
    Would they propose chopping the hand of children for fighting if weapons of any kind had never been invented? Really why is it that they can embrace the idea that men can be taught not to rape, but can't be taught not to kill?
  16. Rockwolf66

    Rockwolf66 Active Member

  17. Reefinmike

    Reefinmike Well-Known Member

    the brady bunch blocked me long ago... not even for blatant trolling, but I was blocked for representing the other side and providing factual evidence from neutral sources in a peaceful manner.
  18. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

    Ive been blocked from PETA, The brady campaign, and even once, I was part of a 12 or 15 person (people I knew) mega block at the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

    I am the admin of the UF Students for concealed carry page, and while we get dissenting voices from time to time, we never ever delete them or block them, unless they get vulgar or attacking of individuals.
  19. Rockwolf66

    Rockwolf66 Active Member

    Probably because they do not want distenting voices they want ridged conformity in their followers. The Brady campaign is made up of collectivists and if everyone had their own opinions then their followers might realize that they are full of garbage.

    Why do I feel like starting an Occupy movement with the initials OBC?
  20. TenDriver

    TenDriver Well-Known Member

    I got booted off their page when I made a suggestion that a mom who's son wanted to learn to shoot should learn herself. Even some of the antis thought it was a good idea. Can no longer post. It breaks my heart.... Try Credo's page. Believe it or not I'm not the only gun advocate on there.

    Doomberg's folks haven't booted me off yet but I don't hit them that often.

    Crud. Can't bomb the occunuts page either. Life is getting boring.....
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