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Gary IN Lawsuit & ISC

Discussion in 'Legal' started by #shooter, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. #shooter

    #shooter New Member


    I fail to see how they can sue manufactures for the alleged misdeeds of dealers. I guess Brady is going after the money rather than focusing on those who actually commit crimes.
  2. Lightninstrike

    Lightninstrike New Member

    Or trying to put the dealers out of business.
  3. ServiceSoon

    ServiceSoon New Member

    I want to read the Brady's evidence. Until then I file this under conspiracy theory.

    I mean come on, the entire gun industry of Indiana has collaborated or rather conspired to sell guns illegally so they could increase their profits by 2%? After all, the majority of people purchasing guns are law-abiding citizens. That would mean the entire gun industry including FFL's was in on this.

    To everybody elses' knowledge is that a fair analysis of the Brady's position?

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