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good LH centerfire bolt rifle for <$350?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bill_G, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Bill_G

    Bill_G Well-Known Member

    any good bolts LH out there? would like a 223 ideally new or maybe used? open to other calibers also. will probably be my only rifle....so it has to be an all around rifle. for <$350 hopefully!!

    dont own a rifle....just shotgun(moss 500) and pistol(ruger security six).

  2. applekev

    applekev Well-Known Member

    Savage makes alot of lefties.
  3. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member


    For accurate left handed rifles, your best bet is a Savage. Same price as RH models, too. Other makers have LH, obviously, but are priced as an "option" like you chose to be a lefty. Also, few makers enjoy the reputation for accuracy that Savage does.
  4. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    cdnn usually has some left handed rifles in their catalog
  5. Essex County

    Essex County Well-Known Member

    I'd say best choicee is a Savage or possibaly a used Remington 700. Sometimes a lefty will languish on a shop's rack for months...Essex
  6. Sober

    Sober Member


    I understand the "lefty" thing as I have been one for many years. Here is what I suggest.
    Check every gun shop that you can. Very often you will find a LH in the used rack. Be patient, they do show up. Ruger , Remington, Browning, Winchester and Savage all make leftie models at pretty much the same cost as a RH model. Unfortunatley I do not think anyone makes a .223. .243 is the smallest caliber I have seen available.
    What are your requirments for a "all around rifle". .223 is awful small for a Deer round but a great varmint round.
    Good luck
  7. nhhillbilly

    nhhillbilly Well-Known Member


    Remington and Savage both make .223 rifles. For semi auto I have heard good things about the Stage. I do not have a problem with any AR 15 platform I have shot. I shoot primary left handed.
  8. NailGun

    NailGun Well-Known Member

    I have a Savage 11GL, left handed .223 Rem. I can't say enough GOOD about it. The Accutrigger is excellent. It is accurate with factory loads, and better with hand loads. It was not expensive, (~$400.) so I don't feel bad about crawling around with it to get the next shot at a prairie dog. The 1:9 twist works fine with 45 gr. rounds, gives the ability to shoot heavier (62 gr.) rounds too.
    The only down side, at least for me, is that it IS a left handed bolt gun. I spent a lifetime shooting right handed bolt guns left handed, and now the left handed bolt is very awkward. If I had it to do again (and I will) I would get a right handed model. Good luck on what you decide.
  9. Sober

    Sober Member

    LH 223

    According to the Remington site the only lh 223 is in a heavy barrel varmint rifle. Lots more than the "less than $350.00" mentioned in the first post. Neat rifle, I own one and it does shoot. Not sure about the Savage.

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