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Got a couple of decisions to make

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by OneBigDude, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. OneBigDude

    OneBigDude Member

    So graduation from college is coming up in december and I have some decisions to make. As a grad present my mom wants to send me on a big game hunt or something along those lines. I've hunted pa white tails since I was 12. I am kinda leaning towards an elk hunt. This raises a problem. I hunt with a Marlin 336 in 35 remingtonand its my only hunting rifle.

    To alleviate this problem my dad would like to buy my a rifle as his gift to me. I've decided on a 30-06. I'm thinking either a Remington 700 BDL or a new Winchester model 70 sporter. My dad has an early 90's ADL that I love but those model 70's are beautiful.

    If you were in my shoes, what type of hunt and which rifle?
  2. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    I'd probably pick Elk too. Although Pronghorn or Bighorn or Moose would be nice too. Although I've heard some people have been on waiting lists for years to go after certain species of sheep.

    As for the rifle. I already have a BDL. I think it is beautiful. Possbily my favorite gun at least looks wise. Mine is at least 30 years old though, and IMO looks a little better than the new BDLs I have seen on the shelve in stores now. I like the look of the CDLs though and I lust after a Winchester Super Grade.

    I think either the M 70 Sporter, Remington BDL or CDL would be a good choice. I personally am thinking about buying a CZ 550 American 6.5x55 before next deer season.
  3. Coal Dragger

    Coal Dragger Well-Known Member

    What kind of big game hunt are we talking about here? One with a guide/outfitter or just buy your tags and help with lodging?

    If this is going to be a full blown guided hunt with an outfitter elk would not be a bad choice, but for the nearly $5K it might cost for the hunt I think better alternatives exist. Like African plains game, a coworker of mine takes vacation every two to three years and hunts African plains game. His last trip cost him roughly $6K and he took 13 animals, plus he was able to go to Africa. Frankly guided Elk hunts in the US are grossly overpriced in comparison, and there is virtually no way I would pay to go on one.

    On the other hand if you are just having your tags and lodging travel expenses paid for, the elk hunt is a splendid idea. Also worthy, and readily available would be a hunt for pronghorn. Bighorn sheep, Dall sheep, moose, caribou, and various ursids present other options but then you are right back in the $$$$$ for tags, and sometimes mandatory guide fees.

    As for your rifle choice, it is hard to go wrong with a .30-06 and of your choices I would not hesitate to take a new Winchester M70 over any current new production Remington 700. Remington quality has not exactly been too stellar since their change of ownership, whereas FN has really invested a lot in Winchester and it shows.
  4. juk

    juk Well-Known Member

    the 06 will do the job on any of the game you mentioned. All I can say is, try to get what you want. The new 70s are sweet. I would also look into the T/C Icons. I have wanted one of those since they hit the shelves.
  5. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat Well-Known Member

    i'd let my dad buy me a nice rifle and my mom buy me a really nice scope for it. then i'd put in my time scouting and managing my deer in PA and kill a real trophy up there instead of just pulling the trigger for some guide.

    but that's just what I would do. a guided hunt wouldn't do much for me.
  6. joed

    joed Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of the Winchester 70. I'm down to 1 model 70 at present only because they are hard to find. I have a few Remingtons but they leave a little to be desired with cheap stocks and the Xmark trigger.

    HOLY DIVER Well-Known Member

    i've got a 700bdl in 7mm-08 shoots 5/8inch groupds at 100yds finish is nice its all i could ever want in a hunting rifle and its not picky about ammo big + in my book
  8. OneBigDude

    OneBigDude Member

    Coal Dragger
    I hadn't even really thought about an african plains hunt. I'm definitely going the guided route and we are just starting the process of looking at what I want to do. This was kind of a suprise that I just found out about, so I haven't really had too much time to really do some research and narrow down what I want to do.

    I hunt on my uncles farm in a county that has a rack restriction. At least 4 points on one side. So its not like the deer I'm taking in Pa are little guys.

    I'm really leaning towards the M70. I've read some good things about the new models coming from FN. Thanks for all the input
  9. slowr1der

    slowr1der Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I'd go for a Savage over a Remington if you want a reasonably priced rifle. If you don't mind spending more I'd take a look at the Browning X Bolts. 30-06 is a great caliber as is .308. I don't think you will be under gunned with either one.
  10. snake284

    snake284 Well-Known Member

    I would second the Elk hunt and I would say a 30-06 is a great cartridge capable of taking almost anything in North America given the right bullet and you do your part with good bullet placement.

    Another option would be a 7 Remington mag or a 300 Winchester Mag. That may be better for elk. Also, you are not knew to shooting and hunting so you should be able to handle a magnum caliber. Just a thought. You know better than anyone what rifle you're capable of handling.

    Anyway, go for it and good luck. Hey I'm 63 years old and if I don't stump my toe I will graduate with a bachelors in Legal Studies in August. I wish my mother and wife would send me on a hunt, you Lucky Dog you! Congrats!
  11. Steel Talon

    Steel Talon Well-Known Member

    If you in decent physical shape an Elk hunt to CO or N.Mex or Idaho would be kickass. Many times these hunts can cross over into a deer hunt seaon also. Take some fly fishing gear also.
  12. snake284

    snake284 Well-Known Member

    I've got a Remington 700 SPS in 30-06 with a Nikon Prostaff scope on it. Really it's all the scope I need on it. That scope is clear and holds zero very well. I shoot 200 grain Sierra Game King over 56 grains of IMR 4831 at about 2650 FPS. It's not the flatest shooter on the block but it's doesn't have quite a rainbow trajectory either. It's deadly out to 300 yards or so I'm sure and maybe even more. That should bring down the biggest of elk. I'm not into fancy bullets that don't like to expand. I've had bad results with some of those. If I was hunting a big brown bear or something bigger, I might think about a tougher bullet.

    The only thing I have really done except for bedding the recoil lug in Epoxy and filling the voids in that cheapo mattel stock with foam insulation, is that I had the crappy trigger reworked by my Gun Smith for $35.00. Now it breaks clean with no creep or overtravel at about 2 pounds. It will shoot all day into an inch and a quarter hole. That's close enough considering that it can be a pretty hard slammer with that 200 grain bullet.

    Another good option to look at besides the Remington and the Winchester Model 70 is the Ruger Hawkeye. It's a beautiful rifle and is also Control Round Feed like the Model 70 and the 98 Mauser. That's the only thing the Model 700 is lacking in, Control Round feed.

    Here's a pic of my Remington 700 SPS 30-06 with the Nikon 3-9x40 BDC Prostaff scope.

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  13. BikerRN

    BikerRN member


    Do the African hunt.

    For the money it will be the most "bang for your buck". You may want to look at a different caliber rifle however. I'm partial to the .270 and the .308 Winchester. Both are suitable for African plains game hunts and elk. If you feel you need more rifle then I'd look at the .300 Winchester Magnum.

    I haven't hunted Africa yet, but I am studying doing so for 2013 and I'm in the process of talking with Professional Hunters over there. I've got friends that have hunted Africa, and they all want to go back. When I go over I'm planning to take two rifles. One will be a .308 Winchester, which I prefer over the 30-06 due to the ballistics, and the .300 Win Mag.

    The .308 would make a good deer rifle as well.

  14. c01

    c01 Well-Known Member

    06 or 270 and the Elk hunt. Let life lay it's chips and develope the skills needed for further bid game hunting.

  15. OneBigDude

    OneBigDude Member

    That's a good looking rifle. I looked at a couple SPSs and the reasons I haven't picked one up is the synthetic stock and the matte black finish on the barrel. I really like a walnut stock on my hunting rifles. I know there are replacement stocks that I could pick up. I'm not trying to slam your rifle in any way, but the few SPSs I checked out at gander didn't seem to have the same quality in finish as the ADL my dad shoots. Also, I haven't gotten into reloading yet but I might have to if 35 remingtons continue to be so hard to find around here. I shoot 200 grain remingtons and in the fall when its time for hunting season, the online shops sell out quick.

    Does anyone have one of the new model 70s? And if so, what optics are your running? I'm really looking into the M70 Sporter
  16. Pacsd

    Pacsd Well-Known Member

    Congrats on earning your degree. I'll just guess at going on an elk hunt isn't an overnight planning task. Start looking in to it now. The 06 should do you fine. I'll have to add that you have some pretty generous folks. I was close to 40 before I could afford a elk hunt in the Helena, Montana area. Holy-moly that was 30 years ago. Good luck with it.

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