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Gun Lube?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by kmca, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. kmca

    kmca Active Member

    Hi all,
    Just bought a new 9mm stainless steel Springfield :) . I've always used Breakfree/CLP for lubricating firearms. Since this is my first stainless steel pistol, should I be using a different lube?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. dfariswheel

    dfariswheel Well-Known Member

    Modern stainless guns don't have the galling problems early stainless had, so most any standard gun lube works fine.

    CLP Breakfree is very good.
    A lot of us use a good gun grease on the slide and frame rails and on the barrel, since grease doesn't run off, sling off, or evaporate.

    EVERYBODY has their own favorite lubes and will argue endlessly about it.

    In truth, the fact that you use a lube and use it properly, if far more important than what brand or type you use.

    Pick one that works for you, and go on to more important things.
  3. kmca

    kmca Active Member

    I was wondering about the galling.

    Good Luck,
  4. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    FP10, Slip2000 and TW25B. Those 3 do me right. TW25B on the slide, FP10 as a CLP and Slip2000 everywhere else.

    - Gabe
  5. GaryK

    GaryK Well-Known Member

    I have tried most of the available gun lubricants. They all work pretty good in my guns, including regular gun oil.
  6. sm

    sm member


    Being a New Year and all...I cleaned one of my CCWs, a semi. <thud> .

    Simple Green , hot water, Zippo lighter fluid the firing pin and lubed with ATF.

    I must have left my RIG at someone's house, I normally treat bores with RIG. *shrug* no biggie.

    I keep ATF in a old Zippo Lighter fluid can and itty bitty Tobasco Sauce bottles.

    ATF lubes, keeps the corrosion away,works in all temps, stays put. Best thing to use to keep a gas shotgun running too...

    After firing , I clean the chamber and extraction with a toothbrush. RIG or Carnuba the slide...if not ATF wiped on wiped off works. The mags when I clean them - Zippo Lighter fluid.

    I bought the gun to CCW, to carry , to be shot and all. Not to sit in a safe and be fondled and made over.

    Tomorrow- I'll do the '28 Detective Special pretty much the same way...would n't want to clean two guns in the same day. The Other CCWs...not dirty enough yet. ;)
  7. mete

    mete Well-Known Member

    There are a number of lubes made especially for stainless steel or high pressure applications [O/U hinge pins etc] such as RIG +P+.

    HSMITH Well-Known Member

    Mobil 1 15w-50 is a great gun lube, it is all I use anymore. $8-15 for a half pint of oil that doesn't work as well but is specifically marketed for use on guns or $5 a quart for Mobil 1.
  9. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    In store-bought CLPs, I like FP10. For home brew CLP, Ed's Red is hard to beat.

    Straight ATF has worked well for me as both a lube and rust preventative.

    RIG (Rust Inhibiting Grease) works great for preventing corrosion, and stays in place.

    Keep Simple Green away from aluminum, which is eats.
  10. leo68

    leo68 Member

    Have tried numerous lubes, oils, grease, I mainly use oil unless I'm going to do a lot of shooting then I use grease on the slide. Eezox works but is chlorinated based, CorrosionX works almost as good and less of a pain then Eezox. Found a web site testing rust and their finds on some items that were tested.

  11. ulflyer

    ulflyer Well-Known Member

    "Keep Simple Green away from aluminum, which it eats".

    I've used Simple Green for years on about everything but guns; alum car wheels, motorcycle wheels, chrome parts, engine degreaser, and especially on my ultralight aircraft made of aluminum tubing. Doesn't eat em up, or even discolor the alum.

    I can't see any use for it in guns with so many other specific cleaning products avail, but then way back in '52 we washed our M1's with very hot water and soap in the barracks laundry tub, so if it works for you..... :D
  12. mete

    mete Well-Known Member

    Go to the Simple Green website - they say it is ok for aluminium. For such cleaners you should always rinse thoroughly because residue will destroy lubes.
  13. RnR

    RnR Well-Known Member

    Someday real soon now, our available lube products will come with flags and emoticons that we can use to SIGNAL our personal favorites in discussions like this! :eek:

    But, I would go with the FP10 for CLP usage with a precision applicator for those hard to reach places when a complete strip isn't performed.

    Hmmm... Mobil-1 / SLIP2000 --- just might have to check into those.
  14. Arch

    Arch Well-Known Member

    Tetra Gun Grease.

    It's a fluropolymer lubricant, and as we all know fluropolymer lubricants have the lowest frictional coefficient of all lubes. :D

    It seems to work pretty well, just make sure you kneed the tube well when you first apply it, as it tends to separate out in storage.

    Just don't buy the Tetra gun spray, that's terrible. Sure it cleans, but it doesn't evaporate like they claim it will, and the fumes are terrible. I use it to clean my mags, and while it leaves them clean, and provides perfect lubrication, it's just not worth the stink it gives off while spraying them.

  15. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    Not exactly. You can suspend the best teflon resin in third-pressing olive oil and it will lubricate for crap. Teflon contributes less to good lubrication than base oilstock and other components of the additive package. Teflon helps with stick-slip conditions, but that seems to be about it (nonetheless a consideration in firearms.) I'll pass on Tetra and its admitted neurotoxic ingredients, but thanks anyway...
  16. BigSlick

    BigSlick Well-Known Member

    CorrosionX is outstanding. BreakFree CLP is very good also.

    Everything else I've tried gums up or does a crappy job

  17. seed

    seed Well-Known Member

  18. Arch

    Arch Well-Known Member

    Right..... Well it's a good thing Tetra isn't selling toothpaste tubes tubes full of olive oil and teflon emultion. There are other fluoropolymer lubes out there, other than teflon.

    Bah, I like it.
  19. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Wish I could find me a nice stash of Krytox for pennies on the dollar, wouldn't that be nice...

    Tetra unfortunately ain't one of them.
  20. leo68

    leo68 Member

    Bought a bottle of Lucas Gun Oil, and tested it for a week and found it to be good at lubrication but haven't tested it for protecting rust. For rust protection have found the best products to be Eezox, CorrosionX, Boeshield T-9, Breakfree. I prefer CorrosionX because it does lubricated and protect firearms from rusting. Have used breakfree and have had the teflon build up in the rail areas of the slide. Synthetic or blends seem to work better at lubrication then conventional oils and seem to have a higher flash point. Most grease do a better job then oil at extended shooting sessions. I like Sentry Solution HI-Slip Grease :D
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2005

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