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Gun oil

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by gunslinger15, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. gunslinger15

    gunslinger15 Well-Known Member

    What gun oil do yall like to run? I just picked up some M-Pro 7 going to give it a try. I usually just use the tried and true hoppe's #9 but have decided it attracts ALOT of dirt. Ive heard frog lube is some good stuff (even has a nice minty smell !!) but havent found any local yet.
  2. jackdaddycustoms

    jackdaddycustoms Active Member

    i use the otis oil most of the time. however, if i am going to clean them and let them sit in my safe for a while or when i get out the ol' safe queens and give them their cleanings i use rusty's rags cloths and their silicone oil to wipe them down. that is some really good stuff. you can google rusty's rags or i think he might even be a member here. just my .02
  3. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    I just changed the oil in my 2 vehicles using Pennzoil 10W30. I drained from the bottles approx 4 oz. of good clean premium oil that was left in the bottles. I added a few ozs. of highly refined additive made by elves from the inner reaches of the Black Forest that they get from a secret planet in the 6 Galaxy of the 3rd universe, consisting of small particles of anti matter that creates a lube far superior to any lube known to modern man.

    At this point I am the soul distributor of the fantastic lubricant that is in such short supply as I only have enough for a few of my own firearms. But take my word for it even the most highly rusted action now has the finest buttery smooth sliding bolt bar none.

    With a little luck this secret lube may be available to a select few at the very reasonable price of $10,00 Keebler bucks. This being the monetary equivalent to what the elves use.
  4. carbine85

    carbine85 Well-Known Member

    For surface protection I use RIG. You can't beat it. For lubrication I normally use CLP or something like 5W20 synthetic oil.
  5. LuckyNemo

    LuckyNemo New Member

    CLP is my go to cleaner/lube
  6. Tolkachi Robotnik

    Tolkachi Robotnik Well-Known Member


    I still use Hoppe's #9 if I want solvent, to clean something out. It smells like ammonia and does not make a good persistent gun oil.

    I have a lot of ATF and started using that fairly recently. It reminds me of Ballistol, that I've used in past and liked well enough. The Automatic Transmission Fluid sticks well enough and is good lubricator. It might have too much smell for deer season, but probably that makes little difference for shotguns used on birds. Ballistol smells too, about the same smell as ATF.

    I do not think I'll ever again buy anything in an aerosol can.
  7. beag_nut

    beag_nut Well-Known Member

    I've been trying Mobil 1, 5W-30, for a while on my wheelguns and don't have any complaints so far. At least I know for certain that it cannot evaporate or get gummy. It also clings to metal like the devil.
    And talk about cheap!!!
  8. danoam

    danoam Well-Known Member

    I'm using the left over half quart of Mobil 1 30W that I bought to put in my air compressor several years ago. By the time I use it up, the world of lubricants may be very different than it is today.

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  9. billymarr

    billymarr Well-Known Member

    Mobil DTE Heavy. We have 50 gallon drums of it at work so when one gets emptied I drain about 8 oz and I am set. That stuff is great on my semi auto's.
  10. frankenstein406

    frankenstein406 Well-Known Member

    Slick evil 2000 I think it is for outside. Gonna try hoppes for cleaning.
  11. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    Unless you are hunting at -40 degrees no need to give it so much thought. Getting the oil where it needs to be is more important that what type of oil it is.
  12. jackdaddycustoms

    jackdaddycustoms Active Member

    what jimmy said.
  13. Peter M. Eick

    Peter M. Eick Well-Known Member

    That is what some expert lubrication engineers told me also. Their main comment was modern car oils lack the rust protection of gun oils but all in all they are fine if you have a bit of care.

    Remember for decades we did not have the wonder lubes of today and as a gun collector of old revolvers, many seem to have done just fine without modern wonder lubes.
  14. mtrmn

    mtrmn Well-Known Member

    Mobil 1, especially in my AR's. Takes a lot of shooting to burn it all out of the bolt carrier group and it's formulated to deal with carbon.

    Also it won't evaporate/dry up like a lot of other dedicated "gun" oils seem to. I can oil up a gun and put it away for a couple years-it will still have lube when I take it back out of storage. I used to use Break Free CLP and after a couple months of non-use, 90% of it will have disappeared. "It leaves an invisible film of protection"-really? I don't believe it unless I can see it.

    I mostly use WD40 for cleaning purposes unless I'm trying to remove metal fouling. Sometimes I use the spray carburetor cleaner from Wally world for about 2 bucks a can. And I've used gasoline, diesel fuel, mineral spirits, laquer thinner--lotsa stuff for cleaning depending on what I have on hand and my end purpose.
  15. edwin41

    edwin41 Well-Known Member

    the oil i use is a mix of 50/50 atf dexron 3 and engine oil 10w40 .
    i add some aceton to the mix.
    works really well in both my revolvers , my carbine and my bold action rifle.
    i use it for cleaning and lubrication , never let me down so far.

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