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H&r / nef

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by remingtondude58, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. remingtondude58

    remingtondude58 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone sent in their receiver to get a new barrel in another caliber? Thanks!
  2. nastynatesfish

    nastynatesfish Well-Known Member

    ya i sent in a survivor to have rebarreled. whats the question
  3. remingtondude58

    remingtondude58 Well-Known Member

    Well, first I just asked to see if anyone actually had it done, or if it was just a stupid thought, but I am glad to see that they do that. I was thinking about having it done and/or ordering a gun and asking them to fit a barrel in a additional caliber before shipping. About how much did this cost? It seems like a great idea to have additional calibers with less cost, but I don't know the approx. cost yet, so that may not be true. Can any receiver get a barrel for any caliber? Anything else you think is important to add? Thanks!
  4. nastynatesfish

    nastynatesfish Well-Known Member

    go to hr1871.com and they have a price list. i had it done in .308 and it cost 126 for the bull barrel. i dont think any of the barrels are much more. get it done soon cause it takes about 12 weeks to fit and get back. ya pretty much there are a few stipulations but if you have the handi rifle it covers most all of them same with the survivor.
  5. remingtondude58

    remingtondude58 Well-Known Member

    I never seen that page on their website before you mentioned it, but their are many options, but not the ones i was looking for. I was hoping for a 45 colt barrel for my Shakiri 45-70, but that is manufactured earlier then they will change barrels. Another thing I was thinking about was getting a ultra slug and getting a 444 or 450 barrel, but they don't have extra barrels for that.
  6. nipprdog

    nipprdog Well-Known Member

    If you do send it in, send an extra few $ for the trigger job. ;)
  7. dougw47

    dougw47 Well-Known Member

    Trigger job...

    ...what does that run, approximately? Or exactly?

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