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had to do it: before and after

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by -eaux-, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. -eaux-

    -eaux- Well-Known Member

    There's been enough threads about Taurus revolvers and aftermarket grips lately that I just had to show off my newest aquisition before and after the wardrobe change:

    Taurus 85B3 before:

    and after:
  2. Sniper X

    Sniper X Well-Known Member

    Is that Taurus answer to the S&W Model 10 hbl? Is that aq 3in? I like it. I had a model 88 which was the Taurus copy of a model 66. Loved it.
  3. -eaux-

    -eaux- Well-Known Member

    yep, it's 3". and here's the best part,
    10 rounds at 10 yards freehand:
  4. sotto

    sotto New Member

    So I go to the range awhile back and set up next to a guy who introduced himself as a cop in the area and we have a nice chat, this and that, nice guns, beautiful day, blah blah blah. He's shooting mostly some vintage of stainless S&W Model 36 Chief's Special snubbie, and I'm shooting my older ported Taurus Titanium snubbie, both guns of course .38 spl. We've both been shooting for about the same amount of time, about a box of ammo apiece (similar loading), and he's rubbing his hand and moaning and groaning a bit, and I say "Hey, wanna try my old Taurus." He goes, "Yeah, sure," and he empties the cylinder. He remarks, "Hey this gun is really comfortable to shoot" (mine has the Taurus rubber grips, his S&W wood grips, and mine has the porting of course). We also both observed that he'd just shot a group that was substantially tighter than most of his groups had been with his Chief's Special. So, yeah, Taurus can make some excellent shooting revolvers, and very comfortable shooting revolvers, too. This from me who owns both makes of revolvers.
  5. SPW1

    SPW1 Well-Known Member

    I agree that some of the Taurus grips are quite comfortable. I really liked the feel of the grips on the 357 tracker I had a few years ago. The sights were decent too. Unfortunately it wasn't very accurate and the cylinder had a consistent tendency to bind up and not rotate after just a few rounds were fired. No they weren't particularly hot loads and they functioned just fine in other revolvers. I am sure Taurus makes some good revolvers and I am glad you got one, however they also make quite a bit of junk.
  6. eqlzr

    eqlzr Well-Known Member

    I had one of the older small pocket Taurus 9mm semi-autos that I had to send back twice to them because of misfires, and off-center primer strikes. Eventually I just asked them to send me a PT-99 stainless Beretta copy which was perfectly flawless in every respect, and I enjoy shooting it very much indeed.

    Many years ago, I also bought a used Taurus Model 96 target .22 rimfire revolver with beautiful rare Brazilian hardwood grips that is almost as accurate as my Ruger Mark 2 semi-auto Target and in every respect the equivalent and better of the venerable S & W K-22 revolver. With a little care, a person can do very well with Taurus revolvers. Just look them over carefully and don't put up with any baloney.
  7. -eaux-

    -eaux- Well-Known Member

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