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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gburner, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. gburner

    gburner member

    The Irish have a proud history as a fighting people; fighting the Vikings, fighting the Romans, fighting the English, fighting each other and yes, even fighting the occasional hangover.
    Most of their greatest triumphs as soldiers and warriors have come in the service of other countries. This makes their contribution no less valid.

    So today, I lift a pint to all of my Irish brothers and sisters out there and to those who aren't Irish, here's to you as welll, you envious lot.:)
  2. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    May the "Luck Of The Irish" be with us today! :cool: :D

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member
  3. Carlos Cabeza

    Carlos Cabeza Well-Known Member

    Irish here, ;) Now someone needs to post a .jpg of an OD green poly gun !:D
  4. Gus Dddysgrl

    Gus Dddysgrl Well-Known Member

    I love how it's St. Patty's day and a day for the Irish when St. Patty was really Welsh. Hmmm oh well. I'm a mix of a little of the Irish somewhere in there I think, and lots o' Welsh in me. ;) hee. No I'm not wearing either green or orange. I am wearing gray. :D :neener: :evil:

    Have fun whatever color your wearing and which ever drink your drinking.

    (I had an irish quote and now I can't find it. Oh well.)
  5. joegerardi

    joegerardi Well-Known Member

    Actually he was Italian. Real name: Patricus. He first went to Wales, thence to Ireland, which is where the idea that he was Welsh comes from.

  6. itgoesboom

    itgoesboom member

    Carlos wrote

    Since you asked.


    <----- Very Irish :D

  7. WT

    WT Well-Known Member

    A Happy Day to All.

    Now go out and drink some green beer, and have some good Irish corned beef and cabbage with 3 sides of vegetables - mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes.

    If that's Ireland's most famous dish, its no wonder my ancestors left 150 years ago.
  8. Carlos Cabeza

    Carlos Cabeza Well-Known Member

    Ahhhhhh, a Springfield XD in that beautiful green olive drab. Many thanks my fellow Irishman !:D
  9. camaro88

    camaro88 Member

    st. patrick wasnt italian. he was born in england (wales) under roman rule, captured by irish raiders, lived 6 years as a slave (where he became very religious) before escaping to england again, he then attended a religious school in france before coming back home and then on to ireland where he spread christianity.
  10. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson Well-Known Member

    Just so they don't closet this thread down, does anyone knows if guns are legal in Ireland?
  11. geegee

    geegee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reminder. My British mother always made a point of wearing orange on March 17th. I'd better call her to remind her (although at 87, it may not be quite as important!). :D geegee
  12. CZ 75 BD

    CZ 75 BD Well-Known Member

    God invented whiskey

    to prevent the Irish from taking over the world.

    Erin go braugh!
  13. Ed

    Ed Well-Known Member

    I'm part Irish, Its my Birthday and I got a new Bushmaster. Ahhhh Luck of the Irish....:D
  14. geegee

    geegee Well-Known Member

    Green furniture? ;) geegee
  15. Jonesy9

    Jonesy9 member

    Slainte! I'll be drinking some Guinness and smoking the green (858 Candela, not illegal green) tonight !
  16. Nightfall

    Nightfall Well-Known Member

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! :D
  17. bobs1066

    bobs1066 Well-Known Member

    & have a wonderful Spring Equinox! :)
  18. Eskimo Jim

    Eskimo Jim Well-Known Member

    Mark Tyson,
    To answer your question, Ireland has very similar laws on firearms as England. Any sort of Handgun will get you lodging on the State's dime for a long, long time.

    A friend of mine grew up and lived in a rural area of Ireland (very easy to do) and he said that a 12 guage shotgun always had a place on his farm. I believe that 22lr is available as well. As I understand it, all firearms are licensed, registered etc and all the permits expire on the same day. Registration/permitting is yearly and expensive.

    I don't think that there is anywhere near the strong tradition of hunting for the masses as there is in the United States. I'm not familiar with Trap or Skeet being very popular over there. Target shooting is rather rare. CCW is unheard of.

    There isn't much of a hunting season over there either. Hunting takes place year round.

    I looked into going on a hunting trip to Ireland or Scotland at one point and the paper work to get a long gun into England or Ireland looked difficult. I believe that the permitting takes at least 6 months. I'd suggest doing a search on the internet for hunting guides in Scotland, Wales or Ireland. They will have some sort of information on firearms for you. I think that you can count out any self loading rifle.

    I often wonder how many Lee Enfields, Thompsons etc would you find if you dug around in the wrong field near the North/South Border etc.

    Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!

  19. bobs1066

    bobs1066 Well-Known Member

    Sidebar on firearms & the English. I bought a DVD of "Quatermas 2" (a British sci-fi movie from the 50's) not long ago. Toward the end of the movie, English villagers attack a compound where an alien monster is growing. They take Stens & Thompsons away from the guards who have had their minds taken over by the monster. The villagers then proceed to take names & kick butt.
    Nobody makes a big deal of handling weapons! The implication seemed to be that all those guys had been in the service, seen combat & they knew what they were doing.
    How times change......
  20. Crownvicman

    Crownvicman Well-Known Member

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irish!

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