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Hello PPS

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ghostrider_23, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Ghostrider_23

    Ghostrider_23 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry all but I have decided to sell my G27 and purchase a Walther PPS. I think that the Walther is a better fit because it is soooo slim and the G27 is a bit thick. I have heard that the PPS should fit the holsters I have for the G27, I hope I am doing the right thing. I still have my G19 & G23 with AA kit.

    Have any of you made the switch to the PPS or Kahr rather than carry the G26/27????

    What are your thoughts??????????????
  2. j21blackjack

    j21blackjack Well-Known Member

    My PPS fits loosely in my G27 holster. It is not a good fit. I too replaced my 27 with the PPS, but ended up keeping both.
  3. NinjaFeint

    NinjaFeint Well-Known Member

    I bought a Kahr instead of a Glock, does that count? I love my G17 but the short fat G26 grip did not fit me and the Kahr has a ten times better trigger pull. I don't dislike the Glock trigger but the Kahr is smoother. It's also easier to conceal.

    Oh and Glock holsters are to big for my PM9.
  4. david_the_greek

    david_the_greek Well-Known Member

    a friend recently sold his g19 he had purchased for carry, keeping his pps instead
  5. WRGADog

    WRGADog Well-Known Member

    I have never owned a Glock, but

    I do own a PM9 and a PPS, both are excellent pistols. I carry my PM9 every day in a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. The PPS is a belt gun IMO because of weight and size (compared to PM9). I would carry the PPS more ofter, but I do not like to carry IWB and the weather here in FL rarely requires clothing that permits belt carry. Both guns are reliable and accurate and have performed superbly with no malfunctions. The PM9 does require a breakin of approximately 200-300 rounds before it performs without problems.
  6. carbuncle

    carbuncle Well-Known Member

    The PPS looks like a nice little gun, I need to rent one and see if it works for me!
  7. dec41971

    dec41971 Well-Known Member

    PPS is excellent gun. The trigger gets better with use too. Its got a trigger just like your Glock, but IMO its a much tighter more refined gun. You will have to get used to the European magazine release, but after just a few weeks it should be second nature. I use my index finger (little finger?) to release the magazine. My other CCW is a 1911 Kimber Ultra Covert II .45 that has the side button release, and I have never gotten confused. Somehow I just don't even consciously think about it, and its never been an issue.:D
  8. bestseller92

    bestseller92 Well-Known Member

    Why say you're sorry about it? It's your decision. Whatever rocks your socks.
  9. Moki

    Moki New Member

    I have Glock 17's and 19's and a PPS. I don't recall ever having a failure with any of the Glocks. Out of curiosity I shot 250 rounds of fairly dirty PMC with the PPS (as a comparison to the Glocks, which seem to eat everything), and had a number of failure to feeds towards the end - but the PPS was filthy when I cleaned it after the 250 rounds of PMC, and I have had no failures so long as I use cleaner ammo or clean the PPS more frequently. The PPS trigger was rough to start with, but has smoothed up considerably after 500 rounds. The narrower grip of the PPS is less comfortable and rubbed a raw spot in the web of my thumb after 200 rounds in a day but is far easier to conceal IWB. I like the PPS a lot, but will not fully trust it for CCW until I have another 500 rounds through it without a failure. With that said, I fully expect that it will meet that test with cleaner ammo and a basic field strip and cleaning every 200 rounds or so.
  10. searcher451

    searcher451 Well-Known Member

    Can't and won't knock a Glock of any model number of style, but I can say with some certainty that the PPS is a fine concealed carry option for anyone. It's as easy to hide on your person as most anything out there in similar caliber offerings. I've got two PPS models, one in 9mm and one in .40 S&W; it's the real deal.
  11. Blind Bat

    Blind Bat Well-Known Member

    I fell in love with the PPS when I shot one a few months back. The only thing that stops me from putting down some $$$ on one is the low mag capacity. If they made a 10 round mag for IDPA/range work I'd buy it in a second. Also, mags are $40+ if you can find them.
  12. wild cat mccane

    wild cat mccane Well-Known Member

    They do have a 10 round mag.

    Its the P99c with an AS trigger.
  13. Blind Bat

    Blind Bat Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't that be the QA trigger? I seem to remember PPS having a glock-type trigger.

    Does the P99c have the muzzle flip of the P99? I remember not liking the P99 because of the excessive muzzle flip. Maybe I've just been shooting a CZ too long although my XD doesn't flip nearly as bad as the P99.
  14. searcher451

    searcher451 Well-Known Member

    To each his own, I guess, but I don't notice any muzzle flip on either my full-sized P99 or the P99C, which I use for daily carry. The PPS has more of a recoil jolt than the P99, IMO, but nothing that you can't handle. It's certainly more noticable in the PPS .40 S&W model than it is with the 9mm -- but again, I wouldn't call it muzzle flip.
  15. mbr

    mbr Well-Known Member

    I have a PPS, and can't imagine it would be a good fit in a G27 holster, as the slide is much thinner.

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