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help finding leather holster for Ruger SP101....

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by MIL-DOT, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. MIL-DOT

    MIL-DOT member

    Hey again, now I'm looking at holsters for a 3" SP101 that's on the way. I've been doing some digging around the inter-web, and I'm leaning towards a Don Hume 721 open top, but I understand availability can be a problem, and I don't want to order something and wait weeks+ for it.
    I'm waiting for a call back from Gunners Alley on availability there.
    I've also read good stuff about the Simply Rugged Pancake holster, but it looks like I may have to wait for manufacture.
    After an hour+ of researching last night, and more this a.m., I'm still stumbling around in the dark, so I figured it was time to consult the hive. Any advice,recommendations,warnings,etc. much appreciated.......

    BTW, this will be for sporadic carry ( I also pocket carry a G26 ) so I'm trying to keep this as economical as possible. It isn't any kind of work/duty rig, just "recreational protection" :D
  2. ewayte

    ewayte Well-Known Member

    If you want a Simply Rugged for a 3" Ruger SP101 made from alligator belly, Rob has one for $110 on his Gear Ready to Go page.
  3. phoglund

    phoglund Well-Known Member

    I've not purchased a holster from Simply Rugged in a while but the ones I've bought in the past always arrived faster than predicted. I'd recommend you give them a try. Sometimes the wait is worth it!

  4. GreenMTNLife

    GreenMTNLife Well-Known Member

    I love my simply rugged sourdough pancake for my 4" 686. Haven't tried other holsters but don't think I will either. It's very comfortable and holds the gun real tight even without a retention strap. For concealed carry with a sp101 just get the IWB straps with it.
  5. jbauch357

    jbauch357 Well-Known Member

    I picked up the Bianchi 5BHL and have been really happy with it so far, it's a lot more comfortable to tote around all day while hungover and hunting than my GP100 was...

    MidwayUSA part # 116159
  6. savit260

    savit260 Well-Known Member

    Another vote for Simply Rugged. Rob is a top notch guy to deal with. I have 4 of his holsters right now, and love them all.
  7. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I bought a Don Hume 715 IWB thumb break from Gunner's Alley. It shipped fast (within days), and was inexpensive. It fits my 2.25" SP101 LIKE A GLOVE. It looks good too. The belt clip holds it secure, and it won't pull the holster during draw.
    The only drawback that I see for the 715 IWB is that it rides high, and the grip tips out away from the body. Your 3" gun may be slightly better in this regard than my 2.25" gun.

    Your carry habits sound very similar to mine....so I recommend the Don Hume.
  8. burley

    burley Well-Known Member


    Simply Rugged is pretty nice. I also got their speed strips and holder.
  9. ironhead7544

    ironhead7544 Well-Known Member

    Good holsters are worth the wait. Check out Andrews Custom Leather.

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