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help identify this FAL

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ifit, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    i had recently picked up an FAL, new to this rifle and help needed to identify which variant. lowere receiver number matches the barrel number. some pics to help, thanks
  2. Birddog1911

    Birddog1911 Well-Known Member

    It's an Imbel, which are good receivers. I think that it is a South African kit from what I saw on the lower. Damned shame they welded the flash hider, and did such a bad job at it as well. It could be a mix of SA, brazilian, who knows what parts. Do the bolt numbers match the lower?
  3. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    i will check if the bolt numbers match, thanks. one more thing i found on the barrel its marked KAL 7.62
  4. RebelRabbi

    RebelRabbi Well-Known Member

    Do you see CAI on it anywhere? That's Century Arms' proof mark.
  5. gunnie

    gunnie Well-Known Member

    ..."Do you see CAI on it anywhere?"...

    in pic #2, it says pacific armament built this rifle...

  6. ifit

    ifit Well-Known Member

    did not find any stamp CAI, but have been told that it was built using a kit from a austrian stg58 the barrel and lower are steyr. from a source the gun was probably built by someone or a company likely some 10 yrs. ago hence the welding on the muzzle brake. thanks for the help now time to go shoot the darn thing:)
  7. Bwana John

    Bwana John Well-Known Member

    PAC just imported the Imbel receiver from Brazil.

    How do you figure that? I see nothing that would indicate SA or Rhodie.

    Who knows who actually built the rifle. Id check the headspace.
  8. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    The selector markings are Austrian (or could be German apparently). They match my STG, which also has the same gas lever and action lock. The barrel looks like it has the bipod ridge too.

    It's definitely a kit build. Probably an STG-58 kit (maybe possibly a G1) with the Imbel receiver.

    No way of proving who built it unless they left a rollmark somewhere.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  9. Bwana John

    Bwana John Well-Known Member

    No, South African FAL's can be marked with SRA or SED, it depends where they scrounged the rifle from.

    I dont think even the SRA was English to begin with, just like FAL (Light Automatic Rifle) is not in English.

    SED is German. S= safe, E=single shot, D= double or full auto
  10. powermad

    powermad Well-Known Member

    No lug on the barrel so it's not a G1, unless it was lathed off.
    All other features look to be an unissued STG58 kit.
    The straight comb stock and metal handguards were swapped out for the humpback stock and plastic handguards.

    The noise maker AKA a muzzle device looks to be an early Entriprise muzzle brake.
    It's just a small spot weld so it will be easy to remove. At least it isn't welded all the way around or silver soldered on.

    Nice rig, you can't get much better than that.
  11. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    +1 on what DMK said. That's an Austrian StG-58 lower.
  12. gunnie

    gunnie Well-Known Member

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