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Help me pick a 'better' handgun for my wife

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by ngnrd, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Rusty Luck

    Rusty Luck Well-Known Member

    My girlfriend is petite and has small but not tiny hands and she loves shooting her XDm 5.25 9mm. I mean she will literally burn through all the ammo in the 6 19rd magazines, loads them all up herself (except the last 2 rounds because they are too hard and I do it) and shoots it again until she burns though all the ammo we took with us to the ranch or range. She is quite comfortable with shooting it and consistently shoots the "pears" off the cactus on the ranch. Which is pretty good considering she just started shooting about 1.5 years ago. She uses the smallest grip back the XDm has.
  2. cwl1862

    cwl1862 Well-Known Member

    Why not take her to your LGS or a Gun show and let her pick it out?? Maybe she'll let you get a new one too.....:D win-win!
  3. Eb1

    Eb1 Well-Known Member

    Why not wait for the Remington R51 to come out?
  4. gazpacho

    gazpacho Well-Known Member

    Kahr K9 with optional ported barrel. Recoil is low, trigger is nice and the grip is good for smaller hands.

    Or . . .

    1) Buy a reputable gun and let her shoot it.
    2) If it doesn't suit her, place the gun in your safe, and repeat step 1. :evil:

    Eventually, you will find the right handgun.
  5. ngnrd

    ngnrd Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys - even if most of them don't exactly fit the criteria.:rolleyes:

    After the gun show this Sunday, we're going to go empty some ammo boxes and ponder our options... She told me to make sure there's plenty of ammo in the range bag for her AR, too.:evil:

    Hmmm.... I wish I knew someone with an EMP that I could borrow...
  6. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    My GF wishes I hadn't sold my Glock 21sf. She loves 45.
  7. Edster12

    Edster12 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it fits her criteria but give the Ruger SP101 a look. I know a few ladies that carry it. Plus you have the option of using 38 or 357.
  8. Vodoun da Vinci

    Vodoun da Vinci Well-Known Member

    As some have already stated just show her options (do the research for her) and then let her choose. My Wife and I are still looking for her "Soul Mate" SD and carry pistol. She is good with some of mine but we have not found "perfect" yet. She has several guns she shoots well including an Officers ACP.

    We have had to buy guns (like the EMP you wonder about) to be able to shoot them and give them a complete evaluation and last Summer purchased and sold almost a dozen pistols...the ones we wanted to try but could not borrow or rent. Not cheap but not all that expensive either.

    If you buy at a good price and shoot it and decide it has no place in yer situation it can usually be moved/sold easily and all but a fraction of the initial price recovered for the next adventure.

    Just a suggestion.

  9. hartcreek

    hartcreek member

    I think I would just churn out more ammo and try and get her shooting her CCW more. Maybe find a Ladies only course that she would like and encourage her to go and pay for it.
  10. BLB68

    BLB68 Well-Known Member

    She may want to look at the Walther PK380. Supposed to be a soft-shooter.

    Other than that, I'd have her look into 9mms from any of the better makers. The S&W M&P line have adjustable backstraps (except the Shield, but it's got a pretty small, very slim, grip), the Ruger SR9s have a smaller grip, and some of the Walther 9mms have adjustable backstraps.

    Is this for carry or for home use? If it's for home use, there's nothing wrong with a full size .45. It may not be so much the foot pounds of recoil as the sharpness that she doesn't like, so maybe a .45 with a decent heft and a grip that fits will be more pleasant to shoot than a small or medium 9mm.
  11. keen one

    keen one Member

    From a happily married guy: Shoot everything that you can over a period of several weeks and...let her choose.
  12. DammitBoy

    DammitBoy Well-Known Member

    My wife and my daughter kept stealing my Ruger SP101 until I bought them their own Rugers.

    They both started out with 38+P ammo and worked up to 357 rounds. Both are small women with small hands.
  13. BCRider

    BCRider Well-Known Member

    The things that you've found that she likes are so widely diverse and inconsistent from reading your posts that I suspect there is no real one direction you can go.

    You may be looking for compact pistols only to find that when someone lets her try their full size 1911 in whatever caliber that she smiles and says "I like!".

    I'd suggest that all you and her can do is go and shoot as wide a variety as you can find and see which direction she heads toward. And don't be surprised if it turns out that she goes in two or even three totally unrelated directions.

    For range fun I would only echo that you let her give a few different revolvers a try. Including a single action. For range fun such guns are often the answer that makes a lot of us smile.

    Of course if she heads off in that direction then you'll have to accessorize it with a nice belt and holster for woods walking.... :D

    Part of the "problem" is that SD or HD guns are not always the ones we LIKE to shoot at the range. For fun times it's not always about having the most effective tool for the job.
  14. AABEN

    AABEN Well-Known Member

    Let her try a 40. I think she will like a 40.Try to find some one that has a 40 that will let your wife try it out. I have stop shooting my 9mm and went to 40 less felt jump at the muzzle. They seem to be a bit more accurate. GOOD LUCK
  15. eldon519

    eldon519 Well-Known Member

    Could just buy another Colt Mustang just for her. They still make them.
  16. browningguy

    browningguy Well-Known Member

    My wife loves her Walther PK380, very soft shooting and she says the most comfortable grip she has ever had in her hand.
  17. hentown

    hentown Well-Known Member

    It's not that "a lot of this is completely subject," it's that all of this is completely subjective. You're going to get eleventy-zillion different recommendations. How will you know more when this thread finally dies than you did in your first post? :evil:
  18. celem

    celem Well-Known Member

    Read about the lack of recoil, etc. with the new Remington R51.
    Similar to PPK in size.
  19. Coyote3855

    Coyote3855 Well-Known Member

    My wife likes her Kahr P9.
  20. eldon519

    eldon519 Well-Known Member

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