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Hi Cap 22lr mags

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Karate, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Karate

    Karate Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me why no one make Hi cap mags for their 22lr handguns
    I would love to have Hicap for the ruger mkIII or the buckmark...and esp the Walther p22

    but everyone only make 10 round clips at that is all that I have every seen.
  2. Father Knows Best

    Father Knows Best Well-Known Member

    I've got some 15 round mags from Ciener for my 1911 conversions.
  3. Karate

    Karate Well-Known Member

    Cool...I was reading another post and I got the impression that he had some 12 rounders for the Buckmark...I wish I could get some for the Walther P22
  4. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    there was a recent thread on this. 12rd mags also exist for the Ruger MkII. And Grendel made a 22mag handgun with a 30rd mag!

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