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Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by urbancowboy, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. urbancowboy

    urbancowboy New Member

    I live in Ohio, and will be getting my consealed gun license. i was wondering what a good holster would be???

    where is the gun placed also with the holster (hip, ankle, back) the gun is a mid-range for size. thanks
  2. carnaby

    carnaby New Member

    What type of gun? Full size? Compact?

    I like to carry a compact (3.5" or less barrel) IWB in front (about 1:00) in a modified Uncle Mikes el-cheap-o holster in which I moved the clip up to get the butt of the gun part way down under my waistband.

    I carry a compact 1911 IWB in a Galco NSAII at about 3:30.

    I'm about to start carying a full size 1911 in an awesome Andrews Leather Macdaniel II at 3:30 to 4:30 IWB.

    Take your UNLOADED gun to the gun store and try out a few holsters and positions. Make sure you ask them if this is OK FIRST :) Usually they're very helpful and will put up with your questions and all that. The good ones will anyway. The bad ones... just walk out. :neener:

    Also, I'd look to see if anyone is making a new "Ohio Special" holster that has a flap that flips down to conceal the pistol in the event of your death while you are open carrying in the car. :neener::neener::neener:
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  3. usp_fan

    usp_fan New Member

    There are some special concerns for Ohio CCL holders that others may not be aware of. OH law has some awkward provisions for car carry--or not carrying in a car. Holster selection should take into account these requirements.

    1. The handgun must be in "plain sight" and "on your person" when carried in the car. No legal deffinition of what these 2 terms mean has been published. At a minimum, the holster must allow the hangun to be seen by an officer from outside the car, from some angle. Many advocate strapping a holster to your leg or some other crazy work around.

    I tuck my cover garment behind my pistol and slide it as far forward on my belt as possible.

    2. The second option is for the handgun to be stored in a locked container when you are in your vehicle. This doesn't effect you holster, but you may have to figure a locking container into your budget if your glove compartment doesn't and you choose this option.

    Outside the waistband holsters tend to be more visible than Inside the wasteband types when you are trying to comply with this law. Paddle holsters are easy on and off, if you are planning on locking up, or using a second holster for visibility.

    The best thing I can tell you is to download the booklet from the Attorney General's website and make sure you understand the law. Take the couse, and talk to as many Law enforcement types as you feel comfortable with and ask how they interpret the "plain sight" requirement.

    It's a cumbersome law, but you can work with it untill it changes.

  4. rocky

    rocky New Member

    Several options are avalible. inside or outside your waistband , as well as shoulder rigs and many others. check out some holster amnufacturers as well as
    this website for some ideas as to what some folks have found works for them. Most of us have a box full of holsters , trying to find what worked best for us.
    Finally, I saw a write up for OH CCw , trying to change the vehicle carry law, so hopefully for you it will be easier to carry.
  5. carnaby

    carnaby New Member

    You still need to go to the store to try stuff out to see what you are comfortable with. This will help to keep the inevitable "holster pile" to a minimum. I've got five holsters now, three that I use fairly regularly depending on the situation, and two that I rarely / never use.

    Go to a good gun store and try out a few. Make the store earn the markup. After you've carried for a while and gotten used to it, start to consider custom gunleather and all that. But I wouldn't recommend buying something you've not tried on yet.
  6. Chuck123

    Chuck123 New Member

    After months of research I bought a top rated Milt Sparks Vera Max II.

    See rigrate.com


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