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Home defense semi-auto

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Cybert, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Cybert

    Cybert member

    I've been looking around for something. I know Saiga has a cool configuration. From gunshops, they say that most semi-autos are for hunting. Thus, they have long barrels and only 6 rounds or so. I'd love a good 12 round semi-auto shotgun. I'd say 10 rounds, but that would give me nightmares of the magazine ban.
  2. The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Get a benelli m1-s90 or a remington 1100(may be a 11-87) tactical model
  3. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    Remington makes a few versions of their semiautos for HD, 3-gun, and LE markets. The designs started out as hunting shotguns, sure, but there have been 1100 and 11-87 defensive shotguns for many years, so it's not true that these are just hunting guns.

    11-87 Special Run 18.5"

    1100 Tactical 18.5" Speedfeed and 22"

    11-87P 18.5" and Class III 14" Parkerized

    They have tube magazines, which can be topped off easily. They don't, of course, have detachable box mags. On the other hand, you can't really top off a detachable box mag, so you're limited to the number of mags you own and carry, rather than how many shells you can grab from your pocket or a drawer.

    What's cool about the Remingtons? With proper maintenance, they're VERY reliable, proven designs (1100 is 43 this year). They point quickly, like a bird gun, which is a good thing. Finally, I have an old hunting 12 Gauge 1100 with a hard plastic buttplate, and it has nearly zero recoil or muzzle flip. Multiple shots on target are easy, smooth and painless.

    Other semiautos that cross the hunting/HD divide are Benellis. They recoil harder than the Remington gas guns, and they're expensive, but they're a great design. Definitely worth a look.
  4. Cybert

    Cybert member

    Thanks guys. Good choices. The magazine design of the Saiga is nice, but I see how you may want to top off quickly. I'd also like to go with the shortest barrel possible (under law).

    The gunshop owner talked to seemed to think the click of the pump cycling would scare people away. I'd still rather just be able to squeeze off as many rounds as possible without thinking. Tactically, you do not want to depend on having your hand there.
  5. The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    shortest is 18.5"
  6. Cybert

    Cybert member

    OK, 18.5". Yet another rediculous, arbitrary decision. Oh well...let's me load more rounds!
  7. AWMP

    AWMP Well-Known Member

    Benelli M4, Mrs Claus has one on layway for me, I just love that woman!!;)
  8. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member


    Welcome to THR!
  9. AWMP

    AWMP Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the welcome. Joined a long time ago and just started posting, thanks again.
  10. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus


    Where are you? Laws are different depending on location...

    "I'd still rather just be able to squeeze off as many rounds as possible without thinking."

    Ummm... no, you wouldn't. A shotgun is a thinking person's weapon after all. You will want to pay a great deal of attention what you're shooting at and why you're shooting. Also what's behind whatever you're shooting at. And so on.

    This whole magazine capacity thing is 'way overdone. You can't miss fast enough (or often enough) to win a gunfight, shopworn statement by now but still true. Hits count, and learning to run whatever gun you have is critical. Software is more important than hardware...

  11. heavyrecoil

    heavyrecoil Member

    Do you really think that you'd want to fire off more than six shotgun shells in your home? What sort of self-defense scenerio are you imagining?

    Crazed Satanic biker gang? Surf Nazis? Zombie attack?

    Most likely, it'll be a solo $hitbird that will skedaddle as soon as you show them a weapon-- with no shots fired.

    I would guess that any of the usual suspects for HD shotguns: Remmy 870/1100, Moss 500/590, Win Defender, Benelli, etc. would be more than sufficient for your needs.
  12. History Prof

    History Prof Well-Known Member

    I don't want to pick on the guy, but the only reason I am in this thread is that I did a search for Cybert's threads because he has, in only a week, started 9 threads that have been locked. Cybert, if you are for real, well, watch a little before you post.

    He has TROLL written all over him if you look at his other posts....:scrutiny:
  13. sm

    sm member

    Cybert, the author of this thread is no longer a member of THR.
    Nothing futher needs to be said about that.


    We can let this thread play out and fade to archives.

    While we have plenty of threads on Semi-Autos in the role of Serious Situation Use, and can be found using a search, I do not see why a new thread, in regard to Semi-Auto cannot be done.

    FWIW, I never felt undergunned with using a bone stock1400, 303, 1100 , or a SX1 for Serious Use. Heck I left the plug in restricting mag capacity for migratory regs...
    By design the 1400 is limited to 3 rds...

    In the training we did, we used bone stock shotguns, as folks had and kept at home for everything - including leaving them mag restricted.

    Best kept secret is a 1100 in 20 ga...

    Software not Hardware...
  14. heavyrecoil

    heavyrecoil Member


  15. crunker

    crunker member

    Striker-12, though it's more of a revolver shotgun than a semiauto.

    Problem is, you need a tax stamp to get it, and many states ban it.
    You can load up any type of ammo you want and don't need to worry about failure to feed or whatever. They have shortbarreled variants too.

    Try a Penn Arms Striker-12, or if you really like Striker-12s like I do, look into importing a real South African Protecta or Protecta Bulldog.
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