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Just some thoughts

Discussion in 'Legal' started by wahsben, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. wahsben

    wahsben Well-Known Member

    In reading this forum and others and knowing how much the anti-gunners like to use dramatic BS to try to force their agenda upon everyone I thought that we could come up with some dramatic statements also. The only difference would be that ours would be factual. I apologize if something like this has been on here before and also I ask that if anyone else has ideas to please post them.

    Some of my ideas are:

    When the AWB was about to expire the anti's had a big billboard with the saying coming to a town near you with a huge picture of an AK.
    I thought we could have a big billboard with the pictures of Kerry, Kennedy, Fienstein, Schumer, Hitler, and the leader of the Peoples republic of China etc, stating in big bold letters What do these people have in common?
    Answer Gun Control.

    The anti's also have one that says:

    Guns don't kill people
    Gun owners do

    Guns don't kill people
    Gun owners kill criminals
    Making us all safer

    Also another thought I have is that could'nt the anti gun groups such as the VPC, Brady bunch, MMM etc. be considered hate groups. They discriminate against a class of citizen IE. gun owners therfore my idea is that we should be able to bring a class action and or civil suit against them because of their harrasment and discrimination against us?

    Please Members let me know what you think and also post your own ideas.

    Thanks for THR
  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    The leftist extremists are, indeed, hateful, hate-filled individuals; the First Amendment, however, protects their speech, although it's usually extremely anti-American.
  3. wahsben

    wahsben Well-Known Member

    Standing Wolf yes it is true that the 1st protects their speech but they are doing more than talking they are actually doing discriminatory and harrassing actions.
  4. wahsben

    wahsben Well-Known Member

    I thought some people would find this interesting and also fun to post some of thier ideas but I guess not.

    I have been reading THR for over a year also TFL and many others but rarely ever post because others usually say what I would say or close to it.

    If no one is replying because I don't have that many posts just remember you all started at 0. I am not a troll so how about some of your thoughts on my topic.

    Thank you to Standing Wolf for your reply.
  5. Waitone

    Waitone Well-Known Member

    Oleg oughta be wandering by any time now.

    I don't have his URL. Does anyone?
  6. Stickjockey

    Stickjockey Well-Known Member

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