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Kimber night sights vs. meprolight

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by zstephens13, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. zstephens13

    zstephens13 Well-Known Member

  2. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    Get the cheaper plain black sights. Don't waste money on the meps,they're ok, but there are better options.

    Hienie makes far better night sights and they offer a Kimber cut Heinie ledge rear. I don't like night sights anyway. And the Heinies are nice and clean. Very small rear dot, big front. I have the hienie night sights on my DW V.

    I have a Hienie plain black and Dawson .080 thin FO front on my Kimber. By far the most accurate setup I have in my pistol collection.

    Getting the sights out is easy. Vice, wood, solid/heavy work bench, steel punch, 16oz claw hammer. My Kimber sights came out in three wacks. If you strategicly put a garbage can under your vice, your Series II FP safety will jump right out and into it's new home.

    You'll have to measure your sights height once they're out so you can order the right heights. (Bottom of dovetail base to top)

    Putting in the new sights: File, wood, vise, brass punch, hammer, SL-100 laser boresight is handy, more hammer, test shoot, measure carefully, more hammer, test shoot, rinse repeat, Viking warrior songs.

    Sounds like alot, but even if someone else puts your sights in, you'll still have to adjust them. If you teach yourself to do your own sights, you'll have an easier time getting your guns "just right". Dawson can custom build weird ht sights if your first attempt is a hair low or high.
  3. SoulLessGinger

    SoulLessGinger Well-Known Member

    Not 100% sure, but I think Kimber night sights ARE Meprolights.
  4. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    My Kimber night sights were Meps. 5 years old and still glowing ok in my parts box.
  5. REAPER4206969

    REAPER4206969 Well-Known Member

  6. zstephens13

    zstephens13 Well-Known Member

    So Kimber night sights are Meprolight tritium night sights?
    One picture is the gun I'm looking at buying with night sights that come with it and the other are Meprolight night sights. Are they the same?
    The Meprolight seem so much brighter. and green.

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  7. frank c

    frank c Well-Known Member

    YES,I have a 2000 kimber CDP pro and my mepro night sites are still bright.Your choice.
  8. zstephens13

    zstephens13 Well-Known Member

    Ok if they are exactly the same I'll just get the one with the night sights already.
    Any explanination on why some look white and some look green?
  9. frank c

    frank c Well-Known Member

    Perference I would assume.
  10. calvis88

    calvis88 Member

    kimber is the only usa supplier of meprolights, so im pretty sure that the only night sights they use are the meprolights
  11. marksman13

    marksman13 Well-Known Member

    As others have stated, Kimber uses Mepros as their standard night sights. Or at least they did unless something has changed recently. Never had a problem with Mepros and that is why I will continue to use them. My favorite combo is the green front sight with the orange rear fixed sight. I think any defense pistol should have night sights. If you've never tried shooting with standard white dot sights then try it and you'll see what I mean.
  12. bobnailer

    bobnailer Well-Known Member

    Um, if you look closely you will see the "white" sights are not Trijicon, Meprolight, etc. They are white paint three-dot sights, they don't glow in the dark. The right hand set of Meprolight tritium sights are bright green because the guy who Photoshopped that photo of them increased their green color off the charts so they would stand out in that photo. I own a Kimber Ultra Raptor II .45 with factory installed TRIJICON night sights; they say "TRIJICON" on them. I had Meprolight sights installed on my Springfield GI Champion .45 ... both the Trijicon and Meprolight sights glow equally bright, why? Because they are both filled with TRITIUM.Side by side they have the same brightness.

    Night sights are never white, that's why night sights are usually GREEN or RED to help maintain your night vision, and to maintain light discipline. If those night sights were WHITE in color, your night vision would be NFG.

    Any sights you have installed, either by a gunsmith or by yourself, you are going to have to fit them with a metal file, rarely will they come out of the packing ready to install with a perfect fit. My gunsmith installed my Meprolight night sights on my GI Champion for $115 parts, and about $35 labor. Whether you prefer to have night sights at all is a personal decision but I think it's a good decision and every pistol/revolver I own has night sights on them.
  13. zstephens13

    zstephens13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bob. Thats more along the lines I was thinking. Those white dots looked painted on to me. Maybe false advertising on GunBroker?
  14. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    The green pic is a catalog art pic. They made the sight appear green. In daylight the sight will be white with a clear center. At night it'll glow green.

    My Meps and my Trijicon lamps have a clear glass lamp that glows green at night, surrounded by a white ring, in a black sight.

    Black/White/Green times two or three.......all that clutter slows my eyes down. IME dark lighting conditions where you need night sights are usually so dark you cant make out your target at "sighted shooting distances" anyway. Usually if I can see my target, then I'm better off with clean plain black sights. I carry a Surefire E2D instead. Everyones eyes are different maybe.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2011

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