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Liquid explosives are liquid BS

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Liberal Gun Nut, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Liberal Gun Nut

    Liberal Gun Nut Well-Known Member


    I read the entire article and it is correct. There are no liquid explosives terrorists could use on a plane. TATP is a solid, not a liquid, and it would be impossible to make a useful quantity of it in the lav.
  2. Monkeyleg

    Monkeyleg Well-Known Member

    What about Tannerite?
  3. orangelo

    orangelo member

    Yup, Tannerite you have to mix yourself.

    You'd have to hit it with something with as much energy as a 5.56mm to make it go off however.

    I got no doubt a thermos or gatorade bottle of the stuff could take down a plane. We used a small bottle on a junk car and it blew the rear half of the car up and the trunk door got stuck in a tree about 20 feet over our heads.
  4. Liberal Gun Nut

    Liberal Gun Nut Well-Known Member

    Tannerite is a solid. And yes you do need to shoot it with a rifle for it to go off. Maybe a blasting cap would work. Banning Calistoga water on planes has nothing to do with Tannerite. Getting Tannerite on a plane is no easier than getting, say, TNT on a plane. Nothing new.

    This current hysteria is all over LIQUID explosives. The only liquid explosives I could find are blasting slurries, which look nothing like water, are very difficult to discharge, and really no different from TNT or any other explosive that has been around for a long time.
  5. MrTuffPaws

    MrTuffPaws Well-Known Member

    WHAT!!??!!?? Another case of BS in the WoT???? I am shocked, shocked I tell you. How do you expect us to keep scared and willing to put our trust in our governments as they take away our freedoms if we keep finding out their victories are nothing but made up BS?
  6. ilbob

    ilbob Well-Known Member

    I am a bit suspicious of the whole story as stated. I think it is quite possible some kind of liquid was involved in some kind of nefarious plot. The specific prohibition on having a contact lens case full of liquid anything made me wonder what liquid or gel could be stored in a contact lens case and be worrisome enough in such small amounts? The extremely small quantities involved would tend to narrow down the possibilities. I could only think of a couple of things.

    I am sort of amazed it took them this long to ban take on bottles of water. Think of what a couple of liters of gasoline could do inside an aircraft. I would not be surprised to see this prohibition permanent.
  7. Liberal Gun Nut

    Liberal Gun Nut Well-Known Member

    This liquid explosive BS is another piece of BS designed to make it easy for someone to sell the taxpayers on $1bil worth of equipment that's unable to detect explosives which don't exist.

    I think we should declare victory in the WoT and then quit it. The WoT is a lot more dangerous than terrorism itself.
  8. geekWithA.45

    geekWithA.45 Moderator Emeritus

  9. Chawbaccer

    Chawbaccer Well-Known Member

    I never handled it, but I would think that nitro glycerin is a liquid. I know that is not what they were planning on making.
  10. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not even a chemist, but I do recall what a match-head-sized bit of (bleep) would do when dry, back in my high school daze. A container's worth, the size of many shaving cream spray-cans, would definitely do Bad Things when dried out.

    Now, if I can recall that little tidbit from 55 years ago, I have no doubt that a real chemist could come up with True Goody.

  11. Eightball

    Eightball Well-Known Member

    Even if they did manage to concoct some form of semi-explosive liquid (or explosive, as the case may be), it would seem that all they would realistically need to do is blow out a critical point on the fuselage, resulting in a loss of cabin pressure, and other unpleasant things would happen. I don't think they would plan on blowing up the plane, just blowing it apart enough to where it would crash.

    Just because we don't know of any "useful" liquid explosive doesn't mean we shouldn't keep our eyes open for it. Besides.....who thought of using planes as missiles before it actually happened?
  12. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    My BS alarm went off when I heard about the liquid explosives plot.
    I understand banning water though...they could bring along some sort of device that extracts the hydrogen from it and create a Hindenburg effect! :rolleyes:
    I don't have a problem taking a swig of my water bottle to prove it's water. I do have a problem paying $5 for the same bottle of water once I've gone through security and trying to finish it before you get on the plane.
  13. justashooter

    justashooter member

    lots of liquids out there to mix. nitro is very unstable in certain liquid forms during manufacture, after combining inoccuous solutions.
  14. ilbob

    ilbob Well-Known Member

    All kinds of very nasty things can be done with stuff that would not be all that hard to smuggle on board an aircraft.

    I have no doubt that terrorists have a much longer list than we do of these things.

    We tend to not think of things that would get us killed, but they want to die while taking as many Americans with them as they can.
  15. oops!

    oops! Well-Known Member

    I'm a licensed blaster, I use binaries, I use multi- component liquids.
    What I know about explosives is from almost 30 years of using many types.
    I carried a class 40 license for years(license to manufacture).

    Now, you guys better believe it is possible to do.

    The only way to stop it would to be to put all passengers in paper suits with absolutely no carry on items. You would probably need to sedate everyone as well.
  16. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes Well-Known Member

    And your user name is "oops!". That's funny.

    How many fingers do you have left?
  17. ilbob

    ilbob Well-Known Member

    Does anyone believe the story as stated?

    My guess is some time in the not too distant future we will find out just what the real scoop is.

    I suspect a chemical agent.
  18. Brett Bellmore

    Brett Bellmore Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd guess they're a bit more worried about toxins than explosives, actually. Specifically binary nerve gases. You could do a neat job of clearing a plane of all potential opposition in the passenger compartment with just a couple water bottles full of some of the precursors. And only one of the terrorists would have to die to accomplish it, if the rest arranged to be in the "facilities" at the time it was released.
  19. AJAX22

    AJAX22 Well-Known Member

    What about amonium tri-iodide, that mixes from a liquid state doesn't it?

    edit --

    According to USNews.com they were jplaning on pre-mixing explosive slurries and puting them in soft drink bottles through a hole in the bottom then re-sealing them without tampering with the saftey seals.

  20. Shweboner

    Shweboner Well-Known Member

    ".....who thought of using planes as missiles before it actually happened?"

    Well, Tom Clancy wrote a very similar scenario in "Debt of Honor" about 10 years ago. (A fully fueled passenger jet crashes into the capitol bldg. in DC)

    Oh yeah, I think the Japanese called it "Kamikaze"

    not a new concept.

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