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LnL AP Priming issues...

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by shane8168, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. shane8168

    shane8168 New Member


    My problem is simple, the primers aren't lining up under my 9mm brass primer pockets in the right spot, so I will crush primers trying to seat them, about one out of every 10 if I'm going at a descent clip, more or less depending on how much I mess with it between each cycle.


    After fighting with this for a while now I got curious about my primer slide mechanism. Upon further inspection I find that I have two primer slides (#15 on the diagram) that have the same size opening. Both measure 0.219" and appear to be too big for the small primers my 9mm use.

    Can anyone confirm for me that I should indeed have two sizes of primer slide holes, one smaller than 0.219" for small primers? I have sent an email to Hornady and await a response, but won't be able to talk with them in person tomorrow...

    Anyone, anyone... Buhler?

  2. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck New Member

    Yes, you should have to sizes of slides!
  3. Mike 27

    Mike 27 New Member

    So they sent you 2 large slides? There is a very noticeable difference in the 2. Should be a small and a large, and the small fits the primers very well. I would call Hornady. Last time I emailed them it took a while for them to get back with me. If you call them I would imagine they would ship the small slide immediately.
  4. silicosys4

    silicosys4 Active Member

    Yup, you should have two shuttles included with the LnL progressive. One is sized for small primers and one is sized for large primers. I have used the large primer shuttle for both large and small primers, and my biggest problem when I used the large primer shuttle for small primers, was every once in a while I'd have a primer turn over in the extra space and press in backwards. This was a rare event; for the most part the large primer shuttle works fine for small primers....on .38spcl and 9mm rounds anyways.

    When I start having problems like you are describing, I start thinking about metal shavings from mangled primers being caught in either the the shuttle channel, or in the primer pusher itself. I'd take your shellplate off, and your primer shuttle and primer feed tube out, and give it a good cleaning...then unscrew your primer push and make sure it doesn't have any debris in it either.
    This problem with debris is the number one problem I've had with the LnL primer feed system, and it will manifest in any number of ways....
    The primer push will not retract fully and will stop the primer shuttle from retracting, which will lock up the system. If you try and force it through, as if it were a hard-to-size shell, you risk bending the primer shuttle guide rod, or even breaking the shuttle itself in half. I'm not too proud to admit I've done both.
    Another way debris will manifest itself is if there is debris in the shuttle channel, which causes your shuttle to not completely seat, which causes the primer push to line up incorrectly with the shuttle hole and primer...this causes alot of crushed primers, and incompletely seated primers.
    Anyways, take a good look at your whole system for debris,
    And definitely call Hornady,
    they will send you a primer shuttle for free. They just sent me one, it would seem some of the older shuttles had a design prone to cracking when put under stress by noobs like me:eek:

    Don't give up, once I realized that debris in the form of little shavings clipped from the rim of primers as they were being seated was causing all my problems, and learned to recognize the signs before the problem escalates (more debris = more mangled primers = more debris) I have been using the priming system trouble free.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2013
  5. fiftybmg

    fiftybmg member

    Hornady give great service, they'll ship you what's missing.
  6. thump_rrr

    thump_rrr New Member

    Make sure you also have both a small and large primer punches also.

    Also watch out I believe it is Federal NT (Non Toxic) primers which have a little more difficulty seating.
  7. shane8168

    shane8168 New Member

    Yeah, I end up cleaning everything out more often than I pull the handle...

    I believe the different sized holes are allowing the primers to move around in there and not be centered every time. When I use hard primers like Tula, I don't get mangled ones, but you can definitely feel when they are moving. Soft primers like Federal (which I now have to use because of light springs in my guns) just mangle...
  8. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck New Member

    If you're having that much brass in there, you might use a chamfer tool to your primer pockets so the primers will start easier. It should help bunches.
  9. dickttx

    dickttx New Member

    All your problems will be solved by using the small primer drop tube, shuttle, and seater for small primers and the large primer drop tube, shuttle, and seater for large primers. Don't know why you would try to do anything different.
  10. shane8168

    shane8168 New Member

    Dick... don't think you understood the problem/question. I'm not choosing to use the wrong part, I was unaware that it was the wrong part. When I set the machine up, I changed out the Large primer parts for the Small primer parts (so I thought) only now am I finding out that I have two of the same size primer slides...

    Or, maybe your reply was simply sarcasm?
  11. BYJO4

    BYJO4 New Member

    Call Hornady on Monday. A direct call will get the part you need in the mail immediately. They get so much Email that it takes a while to get an answer.
  12. shane8168

    shane8168 New Member

    WOW... Hornady answered the phone, laughed at my jokes and sent my parts right out...

    It is ABSOLUTELY amazing what the right size of primer slide does to make loading easier! I loaded tonight, until... I'm outta bullets... Oh Well!
  13. hAkron

    hAkron Active Member

    Hornady has been excellent every single time I've ever emailed them with an issue relating to my LnL AP.
  14. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Active Member

    Lots of folks disagree but I separate the resizing and reloading processes which affords me the opportunity to prime off the press.

    Without resizing and priming, reloading goes slick and easy.

    By hand priming I know that every primer is seated correctly.

    I find I lose more time fixing jams than what I gain in output by combining the entire process.

    Also, I prefer to clean my cases between resizing and reloading.

    But, I do lose about ten to twenty percent in production in time spent separating the processes. For me, that is not an issue, I load more and faster on the progressives than I can shoot.

    I have removed the priming systems from my progressives. I spent my working career fixing high speed production machines for consumer goods products and do not want to doing that in retirement.

    Something to think about but you may want to maximizes output and resize, prime and load at one time. Lots of folks get the priming process to work well for them. If raw output is not an issue, consider alternatives that work for you.
  15. shane8168

    shane8168 New Member

    After getting the correct parts (I feel stupid for not checking the boxed equipment in the first place) everything is smooth sailing!

    I rather enjoy the process, it is another hobby. I used to catch myself heading to the skeet range just so I would have an excuse to load more shells. Seems pistol loading will probably be the same!
  16. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck New Member

    Glad you got it going.
  17. dickttx

    dickttx New Member

    Only semi-sarcasm shane.;) Not smart enough to be fully sarcastic.
    I guess what I was trying to say, did you get two large primer slides and two large primer punches?
    Glad you got your parts. I have not yet had to call Hornady regarding my LnL AP. I did e-mail them to request a couple of extra primer slide springs. They were here in just a few days. With my fumble fingers I was sure that the spring would go zooming across the room everytime I changed it. So far it has landed on my bench though.:)
  18. mstreddy

    mstreddy Active Member


    On the flying primer slide springs, try adding a piece of string or monofilament to the end of it. It makes for a nice handy grab point and keeps it under control when having to work with it.
    Someone here on THR suggested that trick and it has helped me...
  19. dickttx

    dickttx New Member

    I will try the fishing line when I run across some. Thanks.
  20. shane8168

    shane8168 New Member

    Old Farmer... where in Western KS? I grew up in Liberal and my wife in Garden City

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