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Lots of Browning hi power Info out there

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by JM Browning, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. JM Browning

    JM Browning Well-Known Member

    but not enough cant find these answers:I purchased one. Little confused though. With serial # 215RP11xxx I've learned it's a Military 1978. Physically it is green, possible Cerakote or like.Adjustable rear site with vertical aim in the notch. Came with Pachmayers, walnut checkered grips with no thumb rest. Browning Op and Care Manual, with the survey card attached #PP790120. Also a small, black leatherlike case with red velvety material. I have 33rd edition Bluebook of guns and 2012 Standard catalog of Firearms and I cannot Identify in regards to value nor did I find the prefix 215. Usually don't have problem in ID, any help will be fantastic. Any input or opinions welcome.The trigger is the best of all my handguns,Python, trooper,Browning Challenger III and buckmark If it's military which one and green was militaty issue in 80s not the 70s maybe.JMB
  2. tipoc

    tipoc Well-Known Member

  3. JM Browning

    JM Browning Well-Known Member

    Thank You

    I found a BHP forum. Still investagatinghttp://images.thehighroad.org/smilies/banghead.gif
  4. tipoc

    tipoc Well-Known Member

  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Is it possible that the 1 is actually a 4 making it consistent with the Browning serial number identification page?
  6. JM Browning

    JM Browning Well-Known Member

    Serial #

    It's definitely prefix 215 it's on the barrel too. I did find 215 is military. With a roll mark that looks like an ant. i was wondering whose military?

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