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M1 Garand/Quiz

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by eclancy, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. eclancy

    eclancy Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    What other company besides Winchester was Ordnance looking at to build the M1 Garand during WW2?
    No it was not Remington.
    Have fun
    Thanks again
  2. WilderBill

    WilderBill Well-Known Member

    I believe a number of them were made by International Harvester.
  3. riverdog

    riverdog Well-Known Member

    Probably H&R, they came on board during the '50's and IIRC helped IHC with their production.
  4. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    AFAIK, it was Springfield, International Harvester, Harrington and Richardson, and Winchester who built Garands during Double-ya Double-ya Two. Marlin made some barrels but I think they were after the war. Was there somebody else?
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2002
  5. eclancy

    eclancy Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,
    You are correct that IHC and H&R made M1 Garands, but not during WW2 only SA and Winchester made them. There was another company that Ordnance was looking at to make them during WW2 and it was not Remington.
    Keep trying
    Thanks again
  6. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

  7. Schuey2002

    Schuey2002 Well-Known Member

    It doesn't take long for someone to come up with an answer on this board.:D
  8. GD

    GD Well-Known Member

    How about Singer Sewing Machines?
  9. ms1200

    ms1200 Well-Known Member

    i would guess marlin
  10. TexasVet

    TexasVet Well-Known Member

    Smith Corona?
  11. Dan Shapiro

    Dan Shapiro Well-Known Member

    Second vote for Smith Corona. Wasn't there a serial number gap for them? Or at least their educational order?
  12. eclancy

    eclancy Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,
    Standard Products Co. at no less a place then Port Clinton, Oh. was the company in the running. Ordnance however, dropped the idea of another company. The reason was that SA and Win had rebuilt their lines to higher production and this is why Standard lost out.
    I hope you had fun
    Have a Happy New Year to you and yours
    Thanks again
  13. thumbtack

    thumbtack Well-Known Member

    Don't forget IBM made some.
  14. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Standard Products! Darn it, too late. I just read your answer at TFL. :)

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