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M1 Lifespan?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by FuzzyBunny, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    Say I get an M1 Garand with good headspace and all like a nicer service grade. How many rounds will I go through before it is too worn to meet specs? This is of course shooting official mil surplus ammo made for the rifle.

    I want to get a service grade but not counting spring wear and such, just the barrel wear and all. Am I looking at 10,000 rounds or much less, or more?

    Remember I'm talking about getting lucky and getting one with almost no wear to speak of.
  2. Slamfire

    Slamfire Well-Known Member

    I don't know the service limits on barrel wear. For NRA target shooting I replace my barrels when the throat gages a three. That is somewhere between 4000 and 5000 rounds. You can still bust rocks if the barrel is a smoothbore.

    I have no idea how long a gas cylinder will last. Garands have been out of competition shooting since the 70's, I don't know anyone who has shot out a Garand.

    Maybe it was M14's, but either M14's or M1's, they would pull a rifle from production or a rebuild line and shoot 6000 rounds through the things for an endurance test.

    Trigger groups ought to last forever. Bolts, heck if I know. Operating rods bend, but you can bend them back.

    Extractors and firing pins break.

    I really would not worry about the longevity of the parts on your Garand. By the time you have worn anything out, you will have spent thousands on ammunition.
  3. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    Yeah barrel and throat wear were the big ticket items I was worried about.

    I guess if I get 7 or 10,000 rounds of ammo it will be enough to last the life of the rifle.
  4. ol' scratch

    ol' scratch Well-Known Member

    Probably just the life of the barrel. If accuracy drops off, spun another barrel on it.
  5. henschman

    henschman Well-Known Member

    You know, when you wear the barrel out, the rifle is far from worn out. It is just a matter of getting it re-barreled. The rifle itself is not really worn out until you crack the receiver or something. I think most M1s will last 3 lifetimes before they will crack a receiver. Other than that, it's just a matter of replacing parts when they wear out. As for barrel life, the M1 will not have anything like the barrel life of an M-14, since the M1's barrel is not chrome lined, but it should be OK for at least 6,000 rounds or so.
  6. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I own a few of the beasts and I do not want to shoot 10K of ammo through one - phew, that's a lot of shoulder and cheek pounding. 10 years at 1K a year. Jeez, what would my other rifles think :(
  7. benzy2

    benzy2 Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling that if you can afford 5000 rounds of surplus ammo (what around $2500) that a rebarrel ($200 from CMP plus cost of gunsmithing) certainly wouldn't be a huge concern. That's not to say that the cost of rebarreling is to be overlooked, but it's not near the cost that the ammo itself is going to run.
  8. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    How about buying the first, and if you can afford a huge heap of ammo, then maybe you can also afford a second Garand?

    One reason I bought five Enfields and two FR8s is to minimize wear on any single gun. It will soon be time for a second Garand, after the CMP finds time to evaluate more of their Service Grades.
  9. FuzzyBunny

    FuzzyBunny Well-Known Member

    I had no idea CMP charged fifty cents a round for 50 someodd year old ammo.

    I also did not know barrels were so easy to replace.

    Can you chrome line a barrel without making it too narrow?
  10. Tempest 455

    Tempest 455 Well-Known Member

    $.50 is cheaper than $1.00 for new.
  11. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    No. You're worrying about nothing. Get the Garand, get the ammo, and enjoy the "ping".

  12. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    If you can afford the ammo to wear out a Garand, you'll be able to afford replacing/repairing the Garand.
  13. Lincoln4

    Lincoln4 Well-Known Member

  14. 61chalk

    61chalk Well-Known Member

    The GCA did some testing on this, something like 6000 rounds on a Barrel with ME 1.0 to get it to ME 2.0...I don't think either of my ME 2.0 Garands will ever get to ME 3.0 let alone have to be rebarreled.
  15. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Agree, seriously doubt you'd want to put that many rounds through a Garand. While the recoil is pretty mild, I've put about a thousand through mine in two years and it's more than enough. Really anymore I take it to the range so the younger generations can get a taste of real American history after they've been playing MW3 all weekend.
  16. ball3006

    ball3006 Well-Known Member

    I have several 100+ year old Mosin Nagants. If the Russians/Finns did not wear them out, I doubt I will during the rest of my lifetime. My Garand is like new. I doubt if I will ever see a decrease in accuracy in the time I have left either......chris3
  17. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan Well-Known Member

    when i was at the south store i talked to a man whos son shot all the cmp matches and the j.c.g. matches and said he had a match rifle with 15000 rounds on it and he had not seen a decrease in accuracy.

    he did make a point to mention that he uses a bore guide to clean his.

    you are much more likely to wear it out cleaning it than you are shooting it.
  18. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    There are still M1 rifles made in 1936 out there that are still being shot on a regular basis.
    As long as you can afford to repair the rifle and as long as there is a supply of replacement parts and as long as the receiver is not damaged beyond repair, an M1 is capable of lasting far longer than your own lifetime.

    That said, replace the springs every 3000-5000 rounds and replace the barrel around 10,000 rounds depending on your level of accuracy standards.

    You will probably need to have the operating rod gas piston replaced when the barrel goes.

    The smaller hard parts will normally last for 5000 to 10,000 rounds before they become worn enough to require replacement
  19. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member


    You could buy a dozen Garands for what the ammo would cost to wear one out.
  20. mrbro

    mrbro Well-Known Member

    Wait. What? They wear out? Garands?

    My Garand is wearing a barrel that is darker than a cave at midnight and I can still ring the steel at 300yds. Once every couple of years I have to tighten up the stock fit but that's pretty much it. Now if your interested in serious competition, a barrel every couple of years will be called for. Otherwise use the right ammo, keep it clean and lubed, and savor the ping.

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