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Made my first holster

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by possum, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    well my kydex materials finally came in. So i made an appendix IWB with c clip for my kel tec pf-9. This is the first i have ever made so go easy on me! :)Let me know what you think.

  2. brandon_mcg

    brandon_mcg Well-Known Member

    congrats. it looks good. and it looks fully functional and thats what really matters. i'm sure youre skills and look will evolve as you continue to make them.
  3. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    thanks and i am sure you are right.
  4. brandon_mcg

    brandon_mcg Well-Known Member

    where did you get the material. that looks similar to splinting material that i use to make splints for my patient's with fractures and following surgeries? is it basically just a type of thermoplastic?
  5. DasFriek

    DasFriek Well-Known Member

    Knifekits.com has Kydex and yes its a thermo plastic.
    Ive made a few out of kydex, But ive become a little more fond of leather since it dont wear on the finish as much and does cushion against the skin a little.
    But the holster you did looks good.

    Im wearing a leather holster now as i type as ive modified it five times now and i still cant get it not to kill my hip bone, Why i cant get this one right is making me pull my grey hair out!

    Good luck man, Guns can have so many associated side hobbies to it that you can stay busy just as a hobbyist a long times doing all of them. Let alone just buying and shooting and carrying our handguns.
  6. gunnutery

    gunnutery Well-Known Member

    Looks great. I think the only thing I'd do different would be to round off the sharp edges on the belt hook. I've used a handheld belt sander to round out some edges. Good job.
  7. malakili

    malakili Well-Known Member

    Very nice work, bud, looks quite professional.

    Great underrated little gun too, I've got one myself. In fact, the first holster I made was for a PF9 as well!
  8. glove

    glove Well-Known Member

    Nice Holster, I would buy one. :cool:
  9. Ragtop5969

    Ragtop5969 member

    Not for nothing but I would have put the "FBI CANT" on it. The good part is you learned something. Kydex, a heat gun and pressure press are real fun to play with. One a different note, keep the internal area clean with a simple dust grasping dusters the homemakers are using today.

    Now you have to try some leather with a Shark Steamer and hand sowing and boning. Real rewarding endeavor as well.

    Great looking holster there for a PF-9!:D
  10. Jeb21

    Jeb21 Well-Known Member

    Nice job!
  11. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Good job. I love when people have a good DIY self spirit.
  12. ritepath

    ritepath Well-Known Member

    Last year I invested in a table top band saw, toaster oven, heat gun, all sorts of small hardware, and countless hours learning the right time to yank the kydex out and form it. It's a fun hobby to say the least. The only tool I haven't bought yet is a nice sander of some type, I instead use different files, sanding devices, and polishing wheels for a dremel.

    Good work...buy plenty of practice sheets for new ideas you come up with.
  13. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    it is for appendix carry, and i use a straight drop for that. on the hip i use a forward body index.

    thanks for all the nice replies.
  14. Mad Magyar

    Mad Magyar Well-Known Member

    Outstanding...Now if I only knew what to do with my boxful of worthless holsters. Evidently, you took matters in your own hands....:)
  15. Mike J

    Mike J Well-Known Member

    That looks good Possum.
  16. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    Mike J,
  17. plateshooter

    plateshooter Well-Known Member

    Great job especially for a first holster. A couple of tricks for rolling the edges etc and you can be up there with the pros. I have made hundreds of Kydex holsters and yours looks great.

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