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Maine Judiciary meeting on CCW Privacy Bill next week (LD345)

Discussion in 'Activism' started by mcdonl, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. mcdonl

    mcdonl Well-Known Member

    Just passing along this information from SAM regarding the committee meeting next week to discuss enacting a law to protect us CCW permit holders. If your in Maine, please reach out to everyone on this list and let them know we are watching and taking notes!!

    Judiciary Committee Member Contacts

    Senator Linda Valentino - votevalentino@gmail.com - 282-5227
    Sen. John Tuttle - tuttle4senate@gmail.com - 324-5964
    Sen. David C. Burns - repburns@myfairpoint.net - 733-8856
    Rep. Charles Priest - cpriest1@comcast.net - 725-5439
    Rep. Kimberly Managhan-Derrig - kmderrig@maine.rr.com - 749-9443
    Rep. Jennifer DeChant - dechantforbath@gmail.com - 442-8486
    Rep. Matthew Moonen - matt.moonen@gmail.com - 332-7823
    Rep. Stephen Moriarty - smoriarty108@aol.com - 318-3238
    Rep. Lisa Villa - villa98staterep@gmail.com - 776-3118
    Rep. Jarrod Crockett - jarrodscrockett@gmail.com - 739-9971
    Rep. Michael Beaulieu - mike@mikeformaine.org - 577-6962
    Rep. Anita Peavey Haskell - 827-7296
    Rep. Stacey Guerin - repguerin@gmail.com - 249-0472
    Rep. Wayne Mitchell - waymitch10@hotmail.com - 824-0392

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  2. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I sent my reps an e-mail a few days ago voicing my support and the necessity of this Bill. Hopefully it will go through.
  3. r1derbike

    r1derbike Well-Known Member

    Good luck! Arkansas recently sealed its CHCL Arkansas State Police records, but not before some left wing editor "outted" the information in an Arkansas Business online website, as a final act of defiance that put many in harms way. I hope this doesn't happen to you, if this Bill is approved. I'm hoping it does gain approval.

    It raised a HUGE stink in the state:

  4. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Luckily we have emergency legislation in place right now so if it's passed it will be seamless and they will have no opportunity to get it.

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