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Marlin 336SS didn't disapoint!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bobhwry, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Bobhwry

    Bobhwry member

    For months Iv'e been looking for one of these in 30-30.No luck. Called Marlin and they said a production run on these would start in May.Still no luck! Got one recently on gun broker and I,m happy. Nice wood, great looking lever gun overall. Function very smooth.Anyone have one. If so what do you think??
  2. cavman

    cavman Well-Known Member

    Love it. I got mine used from MikeSr. around the First of the Year, and it is great. I love the lever. I put a Williams peep sight (that I got from pcf ) on it but haven't yet found it better than the open sights that came with it.

    There is a lot of hoopla about Hornady's new rubber tipped bullets but I haven't tried them out yet. As I don't have a scope on mine, and probably won't either, I am not sure I would be taking the longer shots that the new bullets claim, anyways.

  3. Bobhwry

    Bobhwry member

    Hey Cavman,
    Hows the recoil? Not shot mine yet.
  4. cavman

    cavman Well-Known Member

    I've shot very few long guns.

    A .22 Mountie
    The 336SS
    and a piston .223 Something
    and a Browning pump 12 gauge up to Magnum Slugs

    My .30-30 has a rubber endpiece on the butt, and I've heard that makes a Significant difference in reducing felt recoil compared to those that don't have a rubber piece. That said, it was Suprisingly light from what I was expecting.

    Felt like a buddy giving you a whack/jolt "You're kidding!, right?"

    I have only shot at a most 2 boxes per morning outing, 40 shots, and have no soreness what-so-ever by lunch. I guess one could shoot all day with no deleterious effects.

    have a great day,
  5. cavman

    cavman Well-Known Member

  6. Scottso

    Scottso Well-Known Member

    Would be sweeter in .35 Remington, IMHO 30/30 is a tad light.
  7. Andrew S

    Andrew S Well-Known Member

    I just got a used 336 in .35 rem w/ scope. Its a 1973 rifle and the furniture shows it but I cant complain. I think I got it at a fair price.

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