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Maryland - DelMarVa Shoot - April 15th

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by Norton, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Norton

    Norton New Member

  2. Spot77

    Spot77 New Member

    I'll be there.

    (shameless BTT) :neener:
  3. chaim

    chaim New Member

    Since it is a Sunday I'll try to be there, but Cambridge is quite a drive (about 2 hours) so I can't promise anything. When is the next shoot on this side of the Bay Bridge?
  4. Norton

    Norton New Member


    Doing things on this side of the bridge, barring a private club, has become next to impossible for rifle shoots....even before Hap Baker burned. Hap Baker had gotten so crowded and so "vigorous" in their rules that it justwasn't any fun to go there anymore.

    If some has a club range that they can get opened for us, I'd love to do one over here.
  5. Jmurman

    Jmurman New Member

    I would love to find a good range to shoot. I was bowled over that Hap Baker burned down. Even though it was crowded on the weekends, It is still the closest to my home in Balto Co.

    I don't mind taking a bit of a drive, as I normally have Wednesdays off, if a range is open during the week days.
  6. Norton

    Norton New Member

    Bump.....probably close to 30 folks coming so far.
  7. MikeS.

    MikeS. New Member

    From Winchester, Va region what would be the best way to get to this shoot? From looking at mapquest it looks like crossing the bay on US 50 and then following that down South.

    Anyone have a better idea? I don't know that area at all.

    Someone here give me a mapquest link to that range?

  8. Norton

    Norton New Member

    PM sent on directions
  9. MikeS.

    MikeS. New Member

    Got it, Thanks!
  10. chaim

    chaim New Member

    Sorry I missed you guys, I ended up having a date on the 15th.

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