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Mini-Mag Quality Issues

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Bhpruett, May 1, 2012.

  1. Bhpruett

    Bhpruett Member

    I have an Advantage Arms .22lr converter for a Glock 23, and it is rather finicky about what ammo it will shoot. For quite some time, I have noticed that it functions well with CCI's Mini-Mag High Velocity, but NOT with the Mini-Mags that are not "High Velocity." I then come to find out that there is supposedly only one Mini-Mag product in the 40 gr. round nose, and that all CCI did was change the packaging so that the package no longer has the words "High Velocity" under the words "Mini-Mag." Nevertheless, it has been my experience, and continues to be my experience, that the ammo, presumably older, from the boxes with the "High Velocity" designation function flawlessly, and the ammo from the packages that are not marked "High Velocity" jam constantly, usually due to a failure to eject the spent round.

    I sent a message to CCI to ask if they had changed anything about the manufacturing, and related my experience. All I received in return was a curt reply that there were only 2 mini-mags, the 40 gr. RN and the 36 Gr. HP, with no further suggestion or explanation.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I know it is not in my head, because several times, I have tested the same gun, same magazines, alternating from one box to another, with the same results every time.

    Does anyone have any alternative recommendations for Advantage Arms converters for Glocks?

  2. dvnv

    dvnv Well-Known Member

    I too have noticed a difference in minimags. They were my go to rimfire ammo for years. Starting about 4-5 years ago (maybe longer), when they changed packaging, I noticed they seemed less accurate. I don't shoot .22 rifles much anymore, and have never tried to figure it out, but I hoard the old minimags and now am looking for a new favorite. dvnv
  3. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer Well-Known Member

    4 boxes Saturday through my buckmark and a few rifles with one dud (with a good firing pin strike).


    A friend of mine ran 2 magazines through his AA kit and called it a day, so I can't really say how great it works for you.

    They're cheaper than mini mags and nearly as accurate. If you're just plinking around on steel like me, they get the job done.
  4. M1key

    M1key Well-Known Member

    I thought something was wrong with my 10-22 when groups suddenly went from 1/2 inch to 2 inches at 50 yards. Turns out it was the new boxes of Mini mags purchased from Sportsmans Warehouse. I went home and dug out a box of older stuff and voila groups shrunk back to half-inch again.

    I would be suspicious of buying them again without keeping track of lot numbers and notifying CCI if the problem reoccurs.

  5. Bhpruett

    Bhpruett Member

    Thanks for the response. I sent almost the same question to CCI and received only a curt reply stating only that there are two types of MiniMag, the 40 gr RN and the 36 gr hp, without any attempt to address or acknowledge the problem. I also got a message from Advantage Arms that they had noticed problems, as well as problems with Remington Golden Bullets. It seems odd that that the rimfire market may be experiencing across the board degradation in quality control. If cost is a factor, I would gladly pay an extra dollar per box if it meant I could get reliable quality.
  6. Kiln

    Kiln Well-Known Member

    This is my preferred ammo too for rimfires. Best performance of any bulk ammo I've found.
  7. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    It's too bad CCI has decided to cut corners. I have thousands of the old rounds and will try to hang onto them. Does anyone know whether the little Beretta 21s will fire the new rounds as well as the old?
  8. dickz

    dickz Member

    My bobcat loves the mini-mag 40 gr round nose but jams about every 4 or 5 rounds with the 36 gr hollow points.

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