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Mini-MN Get-Together?

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by dleong, May 27, 2004.

  1. dleong

    dleong Well-Known Member

    Since we have not had a MN meet in a while, fellow THR member dandean316 and I are offering to host 4 guests for a visit to the Dakota County Gun Club in Rosemount, MN, at a date agreeable to all interested. dandean316 and I work regular hours, so we will only be able to meet in the afternoon (say, after 4:30 p.m.) during the week.

    The club features a rifle range with stops at 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards, a pistol range and a bowling pin range.

    If you are interested, please send a private message to either myself or dandean316, indicating a date and time that will work for you.


  2. dleong

    dleong Well-Known Member

    It turns out the fellow THR member P0832177 is also a DCGC member, and he is willing to host 2 members for this gathering. That means we can now host a total of 6 guests for this "Mini MN Get-Together."

    The date and time of the gathering will be decided once we have enough people signed up.

  3. P0832177

    P0832177 member

    Friday sounds good to me! We just need to firm up things!
  4. dleong

    dleong Well-Known Member

    Okay, then. It's set: Friday, June 11, 2004. Let's meet at the carpark of the McDonald's in Rosemount at 4:45 p.m. (the restaurant is located on the south side of County Rd. 42, about a quarter mile west of the intersection with County Rd. 3) and then proceed to the range.

    THR members dandean316, P0832177 and I can host a total of 6 guests. Please respond in the thread if you are interested.

  5. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    anyone interested in shooting at the Oakdale gun club in Lake Elmo can also contact me....It is a lot closer than Rosemount if you live in St. Paul or northern and eastern suburbs..............
  6. wintermute76

    wintermute76 Well-Known Member

    I'd be up for going. I should be able to sneak out of work soon enough.

    Jem, we still gotta get together one day too.
    Been too busy at work :cuss:
    Pay for the toys tho, so I shouldn't complain too much.
  7. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    Wintermute76..yeah, went out Thursday noon to about 2 PM and shot the G26, CZ P01, and my Witness 10MM compact........weather was damn nice finally........
  8. Series 70

    Series 70 Well-Known Member

    I'm in for the 6/11 trip to DCGC. If we don't get six, maybe I'll bring my son along.
  9. P0832177

    P0832177 member

    It was beautiful out there yesterday! Ufda it was just plain nice!
  10. dleong

    dleong Well-Known Member

    At this juncture, the following people have indicated they will be attending the "Mini-MN" Meet:

    DCGC Members:
    • dandean316
    • dleong
    • P0832177
    • - Series 70
    • - Series 70's son
    • - wintermute76
    Looks like we have room for three more guests.

  11. Andrew Rothman

    Andrew Rothman Well-Known Member

    Me! Me! Me!


    Count me in.
  12. dleong

    dleong Well-Known Member

    Looks like Matt's in. Room for two more.

  13. goalie

    goalie Well-Known Member

    Man, I wish I could go. P0832177 (John) has been kind enough to take me out shooting a few times as a guest, but lately I have been too dang busy remodeling my cabin to get much of anything else in my schedule, and this weekend is window installation. I did finish ripping out the plumbing and replacing it, replacing all the electrical, installing several more lights and outlets, remodelling the bathroom and some painting/staining, so the end is in sight.

    John, we do have to go out again, shooting your .308 makes me feel young again, like 20 or so. :D I hope you got my e-mail. If I don't respond for a few days, I am up at the lake.
  14. dandean316

    dandean316 Well-Known Member

    Maybe this would be a good time to figure out what gear everyone is bringing? Any rifle shooting? If so, I will bring my ugly but accurate .22 rifle. Anyone interested in something in particular? I have a Detonics Combatmaster if anyone is interested - tiny .45 grip. Also, I have a Kel Tec .380 people were interested in last time.

    I like simple things; any 1911's or any .45's.:)
  15. dleong

    dleong Well-Known Member

    If any of you are 300-yard rifle shooters, this is your opportunity to "go the distance!"

    I shall be bringing a few CZ pistols and one of my AR-15s. I can also bring along a Yugo M48 Mauser and/or a Chinese SKS, if anyone is interested.

  16. Series 70

    Series 70 Well-Known Member

    We shall bring my Marlin .30-30, hopefully with new WWG ghost-ring sights to zero. I expect my son will want to bring his .22 pump as well.

    Sidearms will include my 1911 and S&W 442. Might also bring the Kahr P40 along to see if anyone wants to buy it. ;)
  17. goalie

    goalie Well-Known Member

    I won't be there, as I will be working on my cabin, but I vote for P0832177 to bring his .308. It shot a tad over a quarter inch off the bench at 100 for me, I am interested to see what his loads do out a little further. If you want to know if you have good trigger control, shoot that rifle from the bench. :)
  18. P0832177

    P0832177 member

    I like it when other people who are supposed to be working on their cabins have time to volunteer ideas! Hey are you the boss? Oh I know you are on a union mandated break!

    I could bring my HK USP's and the 625 to plink with. I can bring a varmint ar that shoots pretty good!
  19. goalie

    goalie Well-Known Member

    Oooh Ooooh, the 625. That's a handgun even I can shoot well with.
  20. wintermute76

    wintermute76 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see what my FAL can do out to 300 yards. I can also bring my 16" AR.

    Handguns, probably my 1911's and my Stoeger .22 target pistol for sure.

    Anyone interested in anything else? I have and AMT Automag II .22 mag, Taurus M85 .38 spl, High Standard Sentinel Mk II (Dan Wesson 14/15) in .357, Ruger Single Six. I can also bring my Mini-14 if anyone wants to shoot that.

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