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More thoughts on "Collateral"

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TonyB, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. TonyB

    TonyB Well-Known Member

    Watched it agian last night...man what a great movie....this morning I got up and watched the extra dvd......I loved the fact the Tom Cruise did that trainning with the Brit. intel. guy(SAS)..he looked like he could really shoot...it got me wondering what his stand is on guns and 2a......anyway he did say he loved it(the trainning)it would be great if we had big time star in out corner....although I do wonder if they special effected his quick draw....if not I'm impressed......of course after the movie I was thinking,"man I NEED to carry an auto instead of this old revolver...."
    Of course after seeing Saving Pvt.Ryan I was convinced I NEEDED an M1 :D
  2. Rotty

    Rotty Well-Known Member

    Yes you do need a M1, and yes you do need an auto.
    I agree Collateral was a great movie....awesome gunplay.
  3. clipse

    clipse Well-Known Member

    Enemy and the Gates made me want a WWII era sniper rifle. :)

    Colateral was a great movie. I'll have to watch it again tomorrow. :D

  4. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    I am still looking forward to seeing that movie. Found this GIF clip tho which is rather good tho small. I believe Tom did some quite intense tactical training to get this far - looks good.

  5. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with packing an old revolver? I'd stack my 65LS or 66-2 3-inchers against anybody.

    I shoot them much better than any auto.

    But yeah, Collateral was a hell of a movie. Cruise exhibited some competent gun-handling.
  6. The_Shootist

    The_Shootist Well-Known Member

    Just Saw Collateral!

    Some real good scenes in that movie - can't beat Michael Mann for some edgy fight scenes.

    But yeah, the BEST scene was the "Hey homie..." scene. Poetic justice - Cruise epitomizing the stone cold contract killer dusting two individuals that simply DEFINE scumbag - maybe too accrurately (ie chrome SNS - looked like a Bersa - scruffy looks, attitude etc).

    By the way - can anybe really DEFINE the Mozambique drill, which some of the other posters say thats what Cruise used.
  7. bratch

    bratch Well-Known Member

    Mozambique drill as I understand it is simply 2 shots COM 1 shot to the head. You can see him do it on the second guy.
  8. Curare

    Curare Well-Known Member

    Cruise is no fan of 2A rights.

    It's the great hypocrisy of Hollywood: They make money off of violent movies imbued with guns and then say how horrible they are.

    DSRUPTV Well-Known Member

    I just saw it a couple days ago and I liked it as well. I thought the gunning was pretty good. It's a shame that actors are willing to use guns to make money, but will turn right around and berate them politically.
  10. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    It certainly is believable that Cruise is another Hollywood anti, but does anyone have any references or quotes to actually confirm it?
  11. KaceCoyote

    KaceCoyote Well-Known Member

    I cant think of anyone in the scientologist camp that are pro 2a, just my observation.
  12. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member


    How many scientologists do you know?
  13. TarpleyG

    TarpleyG Well-Known Member

    Well, I have it on good authority from a friend that shall remain unnamed that the guy that heads up Front Sight and a bunch of those folks are Scientologists and that they try and use the school in an attempt to locate wealthy patrons to induct into their 'religion'. I have no reason to doubt him.

  14. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    I just watched Collateral last night on HBO. It's an enjoyable movie. Vincent's gun handling was quite good.

    The bit with Felix was good.

    Interesting technical note: all of the outdoor scenes were shot using high-definition video, while those that take place indoors were shot on film.
  15. KaceCoyote

    KaceCoyote Well-Known Member

    Admittedly your right. I dont know many, I dont pretend to be an expert. I didnt say scientologists were any gun, just that I couldnt think of any.

    Still your right, I'll refrain from sweeping statements. My opinions on subject of scientology will await a more appropo venue.
  16. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    i enjoyed the coyote in koreatown while they played my favorite audioslave song as much as or more than the shooting scenes in _colateral_.

    the thing i like about the clip p95carry shows is that it looks like the guys fall over more from a combination of shock and because cruise is moving towards them, and not the typical hollywood "the bullets spun them around the threw them 6' backwards" crap.
  17. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    It couldn't be that someone who is a Scientologist feels strongly about the RKBA and set up a training program. Naah. It's easier to fall back on good ol' religious bigotry. Let's find out what the religious beliefs of other gun trainers are, and see if we can find some nice mud to fling at them on that basis. I hear some of them are LDS, and a friend of mine said the Mormons use mind control techniques that work unless you have your tin foil on tight.

    I keep an ear out for anti-gun comments, and I cannot remember TC making a single remark about the subject one way or the other. A google search shows no references. From what I know of him, Cruise keeps his mouth shut on political matters apart from generally nonpartisan charities for AIDS, 9/11 and the like. If someone can find a quote from him on the RKBA issue one way or the other, post it.
  18. lysander

    lysander Well-Known Member

    Collateral was an excellent film...typical job well done by Mann. Regarding the "quick draw hey homie scene", I seem to recall seeing a "how it was made" short that showed Cruise's part was shot in front of a bluescreen and superimposed onto the bad guys. The range between shooter and target was too close for the full flash blanks that they used...

    Either way...still a cool scene...and still a good film.

    It also sure would be nice if Mr. Cruise were a Pro 2A guy...but I think in modern Hollywood that it is a no-no. If you are a shooter...you keep it on the "down-low" as they say, for career protection purposes.
  19. greyhound

    greyhound Well-Known Member

    Example: I have never heard Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie give an opinion about RKBA; yesterday I am in the Galleria Mall here in gun friendly Birmingham, AL; every 5 feet there is a poster for "Mr and Mrs Smith" with Brad with a 1911 cocked and locked, Angelina with a small semi auto tucked in a garter, yet can't stop thinking that if the tons of people in that mall knew that I, a legal CCW permit holder, had a 642 in a IWB holster they would freak out.

    I am not sure exactly what I am trying to say here; this mall in suburbia is most liklely not much (key word "much" - Alabama is NOT Maryland or Massachusetts) different from those in (suburban) Boston, LA, San Francisco, or my home for 30 years Baltimore - how can most people feel at ease with actors holding evil handguns in posters yet
    get "the vapors" about legally armed fellow citizens?
  20. flatdog

    flatdog Well-Known Member

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