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Need help ID'ing a Mauser

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by headoftheholler, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. headoftheholler

    headoftheholler Well-Known Member

    Stopped by the local gunshop today to pick up some 8mm and noticed a mauser sitting behind the counter that had recently been traded in. Agreed to $199 and put it on layaway as I didn't have my debit card with me. I know next to nothing on mausers and have no pic.
    This is what I do know: Small ring 7mm , straight bolt, dated 1927, No crest, but small writing on reciever that said something like "Eaercia Sakmos" , beautiful bluing and a mirror bright bore. Any ideas?
  2. RCArms.com

    RCArms.com Well-Known Member

    Sounds a lot like a Turkish M1903, but the wrong caliber if 7x57mm
  3. headoftheholler

    headoftheholler Well-Known Member

    No Turkish markings though (Crescent, star, ect) ?
    Looks like a Spanish mauser, rear sight is sliding with the hump on it.
  4. Float Pilot

    Float Pilot Well-Known Member

    Need more info. This is like my wife asking me to get the movie with.. That Guy and That Girl and they are being chased by bad-guys in some sort of big city....
  5. headoftheholler

    headoftheholler Well-Known Member

    My apologies but I don't have the rifle in front of me to take a pic.

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