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Need tuckable IWB for Sig239

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Bravo11, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Bravo11

    Bravo11 Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a tuckable IWB holster for Sig239.
    Any suggestions?
  2. CumminsPower

    CumminsPower Active Member

    The most popular that I know of is the Comp Tac CTAC IWB or the Tucker Texas Heritage IWB, as well as the Tucker "The Anwser" IWB. Since I prefer leather instead of kydex, I ordered the Texas Heritage IWB for my XD 40.

    You can see Tuckers fine work here: http://store.yahoo.com/rlcompanyusa/iwbholsters.html
  3. Safety First

    Safety First Well-Known Member

    Don't even buy a IWB type holster until you check out Wildbills concealment, I carry my p-239 in his Undercover holster. Couple of things to consider, you will need a good double thick belt to support the p-239. It is light for a carry gun but the 25.2 oz still needs the support of a good double thick gun belt. Wildbills has his belts on sale now...so check out his website..but just one thing, be prepared to wait for your order...at least 8 weeks if not longer. Good luck
  4. JCM298

    JCM298 Well-Known Member

  5. Flashpoint

    Flashpoint Well-Known Member

    How about one of these
    It was actually made for my Steyr but it works well for my Sig p239 also.
    You can get them here
  6. Safety First

    Safety First Well-Known Member

    Thanks John, I forgot to mention the slide-guard for the additional $10.00. I had Bill add it to my holster and it was a very good idea. So whatever holster you buy,the slide- guard is a must to avoid having your sig bite you in the side.
  7. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    I'll second what CumminsPower said.
  8. Chip00

    Chip00 Member

    Check the Galco IWB USA shirtucker.
  9. Chip00

    Chip00 Member

    This is what I was referring to.


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  10. TheEgg

    TheEgg Well-Known Member

  11. Island Beretta

    Island Beretta Well-Known Member

    To me the 2 Galcos, one shown by Chip here are the best tuckables around. There are 2 versions for the 239. The one shown by Chip and another that carries a leather loop; this leather loop is not tapered. These holsters also balances the gun very well which is surprising given the narrow loop. Sve your money too as you do not need the one with the enforced mouth for easy retention. The normal one holds up pretty well without the bulk.

    I researched extensively this issue because I needed a holster that ensured that I had my gun on me at all times when I am out. I have spent a small fortune on holsters trying to find the right fit and I am planning to have a holster garage sale soon. So I pretty much know the pros and cons of most of them.

    As I write this I currently have a G19 with 18 shots in one in my waist with shirt and tie and it is not visible, probably except to the well-trained eye. The Galco is so versatile for carry in most situations that I rarely use the Belly Band, ankle holster, shoulder holster and numerous other inside and outside the waist band holsters. Usually based on my dress and were I am going I would have to change holsters. It has been a great solution to the challenge of concealed carry.

    I found it to be pricy (horsehide) but I am satisfied. The G19 Galco also holds the Beretta 92 compact very well also.

    The only problem I find is that it causes my pants waist to collapse where it loops over under the belt. To minimise this, place the holster loop close to one of the pants loop where the belt provides more support to the waistband.

    The Highnoon 'Ally' is pretty good also but it is not a Galco. Save the extra money and buy the Galco. Am I babbling yes, but it shows how pleased I am, now if I can only sell the other holsters.:)
  12. CAP

    CAP Well-Known Member

    I'll 2nd or 3rd Wild Bills Concealment. I have IWB holsters for SIG, Glock, and Beretta, as well as an assortment of mag pouches and belts. The show specials of a belt, holster and mag pouch is hard to beat.
    Good quality gear IMO.

  13. Rinspeed

    Rinspeed Well-Known Member

    I would have to say that the Milt Sparks VM2, with the Kydex tuckable clips is one of the finest holsters money can buy.


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