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New Mini-14 thoughts

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by DSAPT9, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. DSAPT9

    DSAPT9 Well-Known Member

    I looked for posts on the new Mini-14 but did not see any as of late so here is mine. Sorry if a repete.

    I recently won a New Mini-14 NRA with 2-20 round mags and was wondering if any body had any thoughts on them. It looks like they re-designed the barrel and the gas system and the testing I have done so far shows it is a lot more accurate than the old version even with cheap ammo. I have shot 2 three shot groups of less than 2 in with wolf and 1 three shot group of .75 with 55 gr. Tap ammo. I am impressed as the last 2 Mini’s I owned a few years back a 3 in group was good with any ammo. So far I like it.

    Did I get a good one or has anybody else gotten the same results?
  2. Autopistola

    Autopistola Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine reports 2-3moa with his new 18" model, and that might improve with his new bushnell trophy red dot. I steered him towards PerfectUnion.com and now he is planning a smaller gas bushing and making his own barrel stabilizer.

    I think I'll get the new mini 30 someday. Not that I need it, I just like my handy .30cal carbines (AK, Saiga, SKS).
  3. Tarvis

    Tarvis Well-Known Member

    I read on another thread that the NRA version is not as accurate as the new ranch models. I also think they are one slick lookin' rifle though, so congrats on your win. I don't know about the new rifles, but I've heard buffering the charging handle/gas system with pieces of rubber and reducing the size of the gas port helps with accuracy as well.
  4. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member


    You might enjoy the website which revolves mostly around Mini 14s and 30s-
    There is a forum for magazines, becuase so many aftermarket mags are unreliable or useless, unless modified.
    Some gunsmiths have never worked on these mags.
  5. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan Well-Known Member

    i had one of the older models but it wouldnt even dream of shooting 1 or even 2 inches at 100yds.

    i have since moved to the ar platform.

    however, if my mini had shot like you say yours does, i probably would have stuck with it.

    it was very reliable, and like all minis, was sleek and handy as heck (not to mention, it was absolutely beautiful, at least i thought so.)

    sounds like you found (or even better, won) a keeper.
  6. SHvar

    SHvar Well-Known Member

    Fun at 50 yds, not beyond.

    Ive had one, a stainless ranch rifle for many years, it has been fun to shoot sometimes, but accuracy is definitely not something its designed for. At 50 yds with a 2.5-10x50 scope I can drive tacks with it, at 100 yds I cant guarrantee anymore than the first shot of 3 being within the area I aim at.
    The barrels are way to thin for accuracy, the rifle is designed as a simple reliable all purpose ranch rifle that will "go bang" every time you pull the trigger.
    If that is what you are seeking, then enjoy it.
  7. Autopistola

    Autopistola Well-Known Member

    SHvar, that is a common problem with mini's. The extra weight of barrel stabilizers or muzzle brakes seem to remedy it, but I don't think the newer mini's have that problem so much. The .223 version has a thicker barrel now, and all 2008 versions have a heavier tapered portion right before the gas block.

    My dad had a beautiful, all wood early series when I was a teen. I figured he got rid of it because of accuracy problems, but when I asked about it recently he said it was really accurate (he's a handloader). He just didn't use it much and wanted to use the money for other guns...:banghead:
  8. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Well-Known Member

    I recently won a New Mini-14 NRA with 2-20 round mags

    Keep it and enjoy the heck out it.
  9. charlie505

    charlie505 Well-Known Member

    I just ordered a NRA Mini = as a NYC resident ARs and AKs are forbidden. I cant wait to pick it up. I already have an old mini and love it - no jams in 20 years = thousands of rounds and as for accuracy - i can guarantee minute of bad guy @ 100 yds+
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2008
  10. DSAPT9

    DSAPT9 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the return posts and the web site PerfectUnion.com a lot of good information. I will be keeping the rifle I have never really won anything before and this is the coolest. I have collected another 8 factory 20 round mags plus the 2 that came with the rifle for a total of 10. Ruger had special pricing on their web sight and I ordered them before they became backordered.

    Once again thank you for the information!
  11. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    Cool rifle; congrats!

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