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New Nori SKS, questions.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by csbassplayer2003, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. csbassplayer2003

    csbassplayer2003 Well-Known Member

    So I just purchased my first long gun. I was at a Cabelas, and lo and behold they had an SKS in their used guns area. It is a Norinco SKS, with a detachable mag conversion, and some form of Tapco pistol grip/adjustable stock conversion, but I dont think it is the newest one as it doesn't have the lower front rail for a foregrip, and the bayonet has been removed. I am worried about 922r compliance/issues. I also bought a Tapco 20 round mag and a BSA 3 color RGB dot sight. Does 922r come into effect when buying a used rifle from a retail outlet? The deal was quite good for my liking at $295. Bore is good, the Tapco mag snapped right in, everything else seems to be ok (had a friend check it out who is far more knowledgable about firearms look at it as well). What should I check out on it once I get time to take it apart? Whats the best way to accurize it somewhat (not looking for sub MOA or something rediculous, I would be happy with 3 MOA @100). Only thing I plan on doing to it is to add a generic red dot. Any other info is appreciated!
  2. Birdmang

    Birdmang Well-Known Member

    Its got a black recoil pad doesn't it?? I was looking at that, or cheek riser thing?
  3. csbassplayer2003

    csbassplayer2003 Well-Known Member

    Looks like it is just their generic SKS stock kit.
  4. Birdmang

    Birdmang Well-Known Member

    I checked it out and its a good buy. I would think that if they started the build/change, then they would do it right but you never know. Take it down and see if any other parts are stamped with US made. I know an ak74 has 16 parts in the 922r so you need to get rid of 6 evil ones and can have only 10 evil ones. Might be different on an sks but if I were you I would get a bayonet, and a magazine cover along with an original stock. It would look great in the original style.
  5. shiftyer1

    shiftyer1 Well-Known Member

    Make sure that the firing pin is free, it's inertia driven. If it's stuck you could get a surprise. I have seen a new firing pin or a spring which makes it safer. I'm sure someone will come along who can clarify.

    As far as 922r, has anyone ever been arrested on this charge? I wouldn't be to worried at all.
  6. Birdmang

    Birdmang Well-Known Member

    I only believe a few people have gotten in trouble for this and they were all "manufacturers" in the sense of the law. I like to play it safe, and I think its the best idea but do what you see fit.
  7. csbassplayer2003

    csbassplayer2003 Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering because it has none of the original hardware with it, but I would have installed that kit anyways because the stock adjustment is quite nice and felt just perfect.
  8. shiftyer1

    shiftyer1 Well-Known Member

    I agree with you as far as doing whats right.

    Unless i'm mistaken, to know if it's 922 compliant I believe you need to know which parts came from which country. If the guy who changed the stock bought the compliance kit....which is a little more expensive than just the stock, then maybe. If I remember correctly, all the parts in tapco's kit are marked tapco. Even the gas piston.

    I think you did very well on the price because I see stock norinco's going for around 250-$300 and the stock is $99-$150 or so. I see the stock as a great improvement, enjoy your new rifle.
  9. HJ857

    HJ857 Well-Known Member

    It is your responsibility to ensure that the rifle is 922r compliant. As already stated, you're not likely to get in to any trouble by not being compliant, except if for example you have the rifle in your car, and get pulled over, then 922r is one more, serious, legal problem you could be hit up with.

    USA manufacture parts will always be stamped as such somewhere on the part. Look at the gas piston and gas tube. Op rod too, but I don't recall offhand if that's a compliance part.

    Tapco, in my opinion, likes to play games with compliance parts. They state the magazine is three parts, but I think it's only two, and they say the pistol grip is a compliance part, but I think it isn't because the pistol is *adding* and part and not *replacing* a part.

    You're probably good to go as is, and maybe only need one more part to be fully compliant. Definitely worth checking out.

    There's always a temptation to make a rifle more accurate, but in the case of the SKS, there isn't much that you can do. I'd say that it isn't worth your time and just learn it's limitations.
  10. B1gGr33n

    B1gGr33n Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't it be sensible that Cabela's would have the knowledge of whether or not this rifle is compliant? I'd like to think they'd check that kind of thing before taking a firearm into their inventory, because as I understand the law, they wouldn't be able to sell it unless it did comply.
  11. shiftyer1

    shiftyer1 Well-Known Member

    You'd think........BUUUT i've seen shotguns with 16-17 1/2 in barrels in a gun shop. I like a shorter barreled shotgun for general purpose. When i'm interested in buying it and want to measure it, the clerk kind of turns red, acts embarrased and puts it in the back. 922r is way more complicated than barrel length. I know alot slips by.
  12. Jeff H

    Jeff H Well-Known Member

    If it has a domestic removable mag and a replacement stock and handguard then it is 922 compliant. There are threads around here and other gun boards that contain letters from the BATFE stating what parts the SKS has and all you have to do is replace enough to be compliant.

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