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NEW SIG Conversion KITS .22LR

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by sniper350, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. sniper350

    sniper350 Well-Known Member

    Review of the SIG SAUER .22LR Conversion Kit
    For the P-226 [ also available P-220,P229R,P228
    P229 …………

    With the rising costs of ammo, I think SIG Sauer has finally hit a Grand Slam with their design of a highly accurate .22LR conversion kit for their Duty Pistols !! The following is an in depth look a the test firing of a new kit that fits my very old P-226.

    With the kit installed, the P-226 looks just like the Duty weapon ….. the color of the Aluminum Conversion SLIDE matches perfectly the frame of my Old P-226 bought back in 1985. The first hint that the conversion kit is installed is the appearance of the STAINLESS STEEL barrel that protrudes the front of the slide by a heavy 1/16 of an inch. The CROWN is very well protected by having the rifling being set back a good 1/16” from the front edge followed by a slight beveling of the crown itself. It is obvious SIG was trying to protect the accuracy of a very well designed pistol.

    Installation of the CONVERSION SLIDE takes only seconds and operates exactly like your old 9mm SLIDE. The Slide comes with a very nice set of WHITE 3-DOT sights that are adjustable for both height & Windage. The sights appear to be made by LPA. My pistol came sighted in for 25 yards as I found the POI of the bullets hitting 4” high at 10 Yards. The interesting fact that I found about the Conversion kit is that when I adjusted the sights to be dead on at 10 yards ………… then turned on my laser grips [ Crimson Trace ] that were also set for 10 yards for the 9mm rounds – both were the SAME = POA. No changes were required to my Laser grips switching back and forth between the two Calibers!

    Accuracy: Was excellent ………… I used a bore Snake down the barrel after every 20 rounds and the pistol’s barrel just kept dropping bullets on top of one another…… out to the 10 yard line. I was VERY surprised at this level of accuracy from this kind of set-up [ no bull barrel ].

    Performance: Was flawless …………. Shooting various ammo from the ONE supplied Magazine. The pistol loved the Remington High Velocity VIPER ammo ……… but amazingly performed perfectly with regular Winchester Super X ammo. I can see the logic and wisdom of SIG using the all ALUMINUM Slide, to reduce weight thereby allowing the use of ammo not falling into the high performance, super velocity category. At first glance, it is hard to imagine that large SLIDE being operated by a standard pressure .22LR bullet……….. but it works perfectly !!

    NUTS & BOLTS :

    The extractor – SIG provides a nice large extractor claw for this Slide ! They also use a clever extractor spring [ full size ] that travels inside a tunnel inside the Slide. Not trying to rely on a TINY spring to control this extractor is a great design feature IMHO. It looks like a roll PIN holds the extractor spring inside the Slide.

    The BARREL - It looks like SIG used a Money saving method to construct the conversion’s kit CHAMBER & Barrel. If you don’t look close, it appears the barrel & CHAMBER were machined from ONE BLOCK of Steel ……… but it appears to me that SIG Silver Soldered the barrel into the CHAMBER. Not a big deal for this caliber, but if quality control is not strictly controlled at this point – problems could arise. As an example, the inside of the chamber area shows signs of the Silver Solder process & the mating of the two parts. If this soldering process is not carefully controlled, I can see where a rough chamber could be produced. This can be avoided by using a final reaming or polishing process that guarantees against a rough SEAM inside the CHAMBER. Time will tell, if this becomes a problem ?

    CHAMBER - This piece is a very solid looking part ……… and very nicely engraved with the company’s name. On my kit, the Slide does NOT lock back on an empty Mag. – a design Flaw ?? I will be contacting SIG to see if the conversion kit is suppose to operate in this fashion. The danger posed by the Slide NOT locking back on the last round, is the potential for damage to the barrel’s chamber face from being hit by the firing pin should it be released on an empty chamber. However, on my pistol it seems a tiny slot has been machined out of the chamber face where the firing pin strikes. This might be used to prevent peening of the chamber face by the firing pin, should the shooter lose count of how many rounds he/she has fired. Regardless, I don’t recommend the owner dry firing this weapon – even though it has this “feature” cut into the barrel’s chamber face. If there is one FLAW in the design of this fine Conversion Kit – it would be the inability of the Slide to lock back on an empty MAGAZINE.

    Magazine – ONE 10 round Magazine is supplied with the kit. The magazine is made entirely of Black Polymer. It fit snuggly into my P-226’s frame. The spring – when empty – is a bit weak; in that the magazine doesn’t want to eject from the gun with any kind of force. If the frame is held upright, with magazine pointing down, the magazine will drop cleanly from the pistol. The shooter will also notice the magazine doesn’t want to lock firmly into the magazine catch because of the lack of back pressure from the magazine spring. I did NOT find any of this to pose a problem; just trying to mention the different handling qualities of this KIT.

    CONCLUSION : I am very happy with my purchase of this conversion kit. It allows for close combat training with a duty frame pistol with the same reliability as my 9mm Slide………….. and offers a wonderfully accurate target .22 if I have a mind to shoot Bulls Eye. Except for the one flaw that I mentioned [ empty chamber Lock-back ] this pistol Caliber Conversion Kit is a real winner.

  2. Ohio Rifleman

    Ohio Rifleman Well-Known Member

    Will those conversion kits work with the suprlus P6s? (Probably not, but it never hurts to ask)
  3. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    DId I miss the price $$$?

    Good to see SIg offer this.

  4. sniper350

    sniper350 Well-Known Member


    No I didn't list a price, because each section of the country seems to have a different price break.

    BUT I paid $325 out the door for mine ........... like I said you may be able to do much better than that.

    You also get a very nice plastic carrying case for the Slide and Magazine.

    Don't have an answer about the P6's -sorry

  5. Muddflap

    Muddflap Well-Known Member

    Good review. Thanks

    I might have to sell the skeeter, and get one of the converson kits for my 226.
  6. jcalys

    jcalys Well-Known Member

    I just saw one of those at the range last weekend for about 325 plus tax. Glad to see it works well. I need to pick up something in .22 just save a little money at the range.
  7. kayl

    kayl Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately not...Maybe in the future one will come out, but I doubt it.
  8. Ohio Rifleman

    Ohio Rifleman Well-Known Member

    Didn't think so. But, there are many thousands of these pistols being sold in the US, so maybe someone will come out with one, since there will theoretically be a market for them. Of course, those people could just go out and buy a Mosquito...gun enthusiasts don't need much of an excuse to go out and buy another gun. :neener:
  9. sniper350

    sniper350 Well-Known Member

    Anyone buying this conversion kit ............. I think will be as amazed as I was at how flawless the thing operates. I was thinking maybe a jam or two every 40 rounds or so ...........but NO ......ran like a Swiss Watch !!

    I forgot to mention this ......and just incase it makes an operational difference. I usually de burr all my new gun gear ..........using 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper to polish mating surfaces up. With the conversion kit -everything looked good .......but I did notice some resistence as the Slide's disconnect rail slid over the gun's HAMMER. SO I took the 600 sandpaper and polished the very top of the hammer until it was like a mirror -just on the very TOP EDGE. After this, the Conversion Slide seemed to cock much smoother over the hammer. So there it is ............ just incase that makes any difference in the 100% reliability that I experienced.

    Its nice to take out an old friend [ P-226 ] and shoot all day for $4 :D

  10. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Problem is there are plenty of really good .22lr pistols for less than the cost of these conversion kits. While in theory, shooting the same gun in a mouse gun caliber could be useful practice, IMHO controlling the recoil of full power loads is the key to good fast shooting.

    I toy with the idea of these often, but then the reality above makes me just stick with one of my .22 pistols. Although if I carried a DA/SA handgun this might be the way to practice the DA/SA transition without breaking the bank for ammo. The 1911 .45ACP conversions make sense for Bullseye shooters so they can have the same trigger for all the stages of a 2700 match.

  11. usp_fan

    usp_fan Well-Known Member

    If anyone is interested, you can turn the 10 rnd mag into a 15 round mag with very little effort on your own. If you aren't a do it yourself kind of person, there is a fellow over on the SIG board that is machining the mag spring retention plunger that you will need and selling them for a fair price.

    I'm looking forward to the release of these kits for my 220.
  12. rduckwor

    rduckwor Well-Known Member

    I bought the conversion kit and the SS guide rod and mag converter from JeffSIG over at the Sig Forum.

    Excellent quality machining on the rod and mag converter.

    The conversion kit is well made and is great fun to shoot. Works well with high velocity stuff and is acceptable with the bulk 22 stuff. I was primarily interested because I generally shoot a 1911 and the DA/SA Sig trigger action is always a shock when I switch to that gun. Great for getting familiar with a different gun without breaking the bank.


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