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NH law saves Free Stater in latest open carry incident

Discussion in 'Legal' started by DadaOrwell2, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. DadaOrwell2

    DadaOrwell2 Well-Known Member

    Well it was me and the New Hampshire Constitution vs. five gunmen in Salem this week, all wearing badges and threatening me with arrest for exercising my right to open carry a holstered pistol. Third time I know of this has happened to a Free Stater.


    Free Staters 3
    Police Staters 0

    Details at:


    More on the Free State Project and the libertarian migration to New Hampshire:

  2. Flyboy

    Flyboy Well-Known Member

    Not to pick nits, but your title is a bit misleading. I suggest
    "Not breaking law saves Free Stater...," or perhaps "Complying with law...."
    Why give them the "technicality" points?
  3. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    Sheeple are the reason I don't open carry south of Lebanon. Right or not, I'd really rather not have five cops waste my time just so that I can feel vindicated days or weeks down the road.
  4. carpettbaggerr

    carpettbaggerr Well-Known Member

    Well, then get in the back of the bus, and be quiet about it.

    BTW, he wasn't carrying openly
  5. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    Okay, Rosa, what would YOU do? Do you open carry in areas it may be considered unpopular? If so, what were your experiences? I'm all for constructive criticism, but you left out the adjective.

    As to the incident in question, it amounts to a case of open carry whether or not the individual intended for anyone to see his weapon. If the weapon is visible even for a moment, the law that applies is that of open carry.

    I carry openly in the north country, where it is more common. I've been "there and back again" with the law, vindicated each time, and I know what's worth my trouble and what isn't. You make your choice.
  6. DadaOrwell2

    DadaOrwell2 Well-Known Member

    Well good news; I just got a nice note from Salem's police chief...not apologizing (I didn't ask him to) but acknowledging the need to keep officers up to speed on the fact that we have this right.

    The note definitely restored some of my faith in Salem PD, just as the event restored my faith in NH law.
  7. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    Well, it all seems to have worked out well! Good guys win again!
  8. Joejojoba111

    Joejojoba111 Well-Known Member

    Wait, what happens if some Japanese tourists were nearby and pointed their Handicam at the encounter? Do the tourists go to jail, lose their camera, both or neither?

    P.S. Shame for setting up unlawful officers enforcing unlaws like that, for shame.
  9. rock jock

    rock jock Well-Known Member

    Discretion is the better part of valor. You might want to think about that before playing Internet patriot.
  10. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    Excellent. I'm glad common sense prevailed again around here.
  11. NeveraVictimAgain

    NeveraVictimAgain Well-Known Member

    NH Carry

    Can any US citizen who is not a felon open carry in NH? Or does it only apply to NH residents?
    Is it legal to claim residency in more than one state?

  12. Hawkmoon

    Hawkmoon Well-Known Member



    No -- unless you own homes in both states and split your time more or less equally.
  13. DadaOrwell2

    DadaOrwell2 Well-Known Member

    Hawk: I don't know a ton about residency but I do know our residency and voting laws are pretty lax in NH. In any case I hope you will move here!

    The state just voted to maintain gun freedom in PUBLIC SCHOOLS if you can believe that...I'll post that somewhere else.

    On the other hand they also voted down Alaska Carry but at least they're working on it. Till then we have the second or third best gun freedoms in the U.S.; it's a start.

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