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Norinco "AR-15"

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by CampX, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. CampX

    CampX Well-Known Member

    So, can anyone tell me the fit, finish, and functioning of Norinco's AR-15 clone? Or their 1911 45ACP? With the price being half of anything else comparable in that class, is it worth it?
  2. Badger Arms

    Badger Arms Well-Known Member

    Didn't know that Norinco made an AR-15.
  3. gun-fucious

    gun-fucious Well-Known Member

  4. Badger Arms

    Badger Arms Well-Known Member

  5. Sylvilagus Aquaticus

    Sylvilagus Aquaticus Well-Known Member

    oh joy. another item some fool will buy and transfer hard dollars to the chicoms in return for inferior pot metal.

    My dad used to tell me all about the days prior to WW2 when Japan bought up cheap scrap steel from the West which they tried to return for the deposit in Hawaii and the Pacific. I guess this is like that, except the PRC acquires Western technology and dollars and sells them back to us.

    I dunno. I guess I just remember stuff too well to not be suspicious.


    "If we could just get everyone to close their eyes and visualize world
    peace for an hour, imagine how serene and quiet it would be until
    the looting started..."
  6. Freedom in theSkies

    Freedom in theSkies Well-Known Member

    I own 3 pieces of "pot metal"! Oh no..I thought they were guns! - And I really don't care about their politics:what:
    They also make the receivers and slides from forgings...not castings like most western manufacturers...
    All of mine shoot just fine and they are a great base for a custom, because you only pay 'bout 1/3 the price of a made in ...wherever...gun.

    I have a 1911A1 Norinco, and it functions fine...I added a few aftermarket parts and now it shoot accurately too...

    The Norinco M311 (AR15 copy) can be bought at www.milarm.com in Edmonton.
    Talk to Gord. Please tell him Hook, Line & Sinker sent you...No, I don't get kickbacks, but I don't burn bridges either...
    Anyways, Gord will look after you...
    They also have SKS rifles for about 140.00...+transfer fees.
  7. Viking6

    Viking6 Well-Known Member

    I know looks aren't everything, but I don't like the looks of the Norinco AR-15.
  8. curt

    curt Well-Known Member

    Don't think much of the furniture or the rear sight.

    Being the owner of a jamomatic Mak90 i'm not a big fan of norinco. I also try not to buy chinese.
  9. Joe Demko

    Joe Demko Well-Known Member

    I'd like to get ahold of a set of that goofy-looking furniture and install it on one of my American rifles. Anybody have a set for sale?
  10. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    I don't like the look of the furniture either. I wonder why they didn't just copy the handguards and pistol grip everyone else uses ? I wonder if they everything is an exact copy of American AR15s so standard accessories (including new handguards and pistol grips) will fit ?

    I have heard nothing but good things about the Norinco 1911s. I once owned a Norinco AK clone. It seemed to be a quality piece. It looked pretty much just like any other AK clone I have seen; stamped metal parts and wood from old crates. I would buy another one, especially at a price near what I paid for that one.

    I wouldn't go as far as to say that most western manufacturers of AR15s use cast lowers. I never researched it, but I doubt this is the case. I know that I own six American made ARs and they all have forged lowers. It doesn't really matter since the lower isn't under any stress. I just ordered a CAV15 lower where the buttstock, lower receiver, and pistol grip are all moulded in one piece from plastic.
  11. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    Those handguards look like a piece of heat shrink tubing over a ribbed pipe. The pistol grip looks like a set of Makarov grips.

    That link shows the price as $797, what does that come out to in US Dollars ?

    The rifle shown in those pictures is in a pre-ban configuration, so we won't be getting any of those here.

    Both pictures show the same side of the gun. I wonder if it has a forward assist ?
  12. Poodleshooter

    Poodleshooter Well-Known Member

    About $528 USD. Looks like small standard fire control parts. The pistol grip is obviously changed, as are the handguards. I wonder how compatible the parts are?
  13. Freedom in theSkies

    Freedom in theSkies Well-Known Member

    Yes, it has a forward assist.
    The furniture is very ugly, but all aftermarket stuff works just fine and interchanges 100%.

    As far as forgings go, I should clarify that I did'nt want to say that Norinco was the ONLY maker that used forged receivers/slides, but that it is desirable to have. -Much stronger metal due to the better grain structure.

    GOLO13: If I get one of these sometime soon, I would be happy to trade you some furniture...

    Oh yeah, the 311 is classed as a restricted firearm and comes with a 5rd mag. as per Canadas' laws. Hi-cap (<5rds.) rifle mags are prohibited in Canada. Pistols are limited to 10rds.
    There are several exceptions, like the M1Garand and Lee Enfield.
  14. Soap

    Soap Well-Known Member

    I don't have much to say in response to that but my friend Frederic Bastiat might...

  15. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    I hope you do get one and after you wring it out, let us know all the details. I am anxious to hear how they work out.

    Also thank you for the legal stuff about Canada. I was wondering if this was legal to own in Canada. What about the stuff like the bayonet lug and collapsable stocks ?
  16. Freedom in theSkies

    Freedom in theSkies Well-Known Member

    444: Yep folding stocks ARE legal in Canada and bayonet lugs are alright too. It seems that the government looks at the overall "evil factor" before placing it on the restricted or prohibited list. It's odd that the FN FAL is prohibited in Canada...Must be the ease of conversion to auto...Or maybe it's Evil factor... Hmmmmmm.
    As a matter of fact, my Norinco M311 (M-14) was imported to Canada thru the U.S. and the bayonet lug was removed either at the factory or in the U.S. . The receiver also exibits a U.S. import stamp.

    All I can say with regard to the low price is "She's a global economy, so if factory A can sell for less than factory B, then the consumer may be persuaded to buy from A, even if the cosmetics are lower".- Example: Springfield M1A Std. $2100.00 Cdn.
    Norinco M305 (M14) $795.00 Cdn.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2003
  17. CampX

    CampX Well-Known Member

    Yup, Freedom in the Skies, I am a Canuck too. I think it's rather ironic that we can own guns that don't need to have the label of "pre" or "post-ban", or worry about bayonet lugs or collapsable stocks. I'm wanting to take a trip to Edmonton to check out Milarms, or Lever Arms in Vancouver. I recently bought an SKS, complete with bayonet and sling for $139, and a crate of 1200 soft-point non-corrosive for $250.
    I'm really itching to check out the 1911A1, and a buddy of mine is in Vancouver this week so he's gonna check it out and see if it's worth it. I figure it IS worth it, for $425 C. Or a Tokarov 7.62X25 with 1200 rounds..........so many choices.

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  18. CampX

    CampX Well-Known Member

    The above picture, magazine pinned at 5 rounds, of course.....

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  19. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't be so funny if it weren't true...

    He says, as he types the message on a computer that he obviously hasn't looked inside the case yet.:rolleyes:
  20. Sylvilagus Aquaticus

    Sylvilagus Aquaticus Well-Known Member

    touche`, Gewehr.

    ...although upon close inspection it's Taiwan and Malaysia.


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