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NY Safe Act questions

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Ranger Roberts, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Ranger Roberts

    Ranger Roberts Become a THR contributing member!

    I was hoping that you guys could dumb down the NY Safe act for me, so I can better explain it to my friend. My buddy just got transferred to NY. Up near Buffalo I believe. The house he is looking at has about 20 acres. He's a gun owner and would like to bring his guns with him. I know he has one semi-auto pistol, a M&P 9, a Marlin 60, and a pump shotgun or two.

    So here are the questions that he had for me and I had no idea how to answer them:
    Can I bring my pistol?
    Can I bring my long guns?
    Is it legal in NY to have a private range in my yard?
    Can I conceal/open carry on my private property if I am not hunting?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. rlj174

    rlj174 Member

    I'm no expert on NY State gun laws however I have been reading up on them as I plan to travel thru the state with a stopover this summer.

    Basically from what I understand, you cannot have a firearm in NY State unless you have a valid permit from NY. This means that it would be illegal for someone moving there to bring their firearms until they have a permit, which usually takes up to 6 months.

    There are countless stories on different forums where people moving to NY State will leave their guns in another state until they receive the permit. Once again, it is illegal to posses a firearm in NY State unless you have a permit.

    If traveling thru NY State without a valid NY State permit, gun must be unloaded and locked in the trunk with ammunition in separate storage container. It's foggy the way the law is written but most say it is okay to stop for gas and food however it is illegal if you spend the night.

    And don't even think about doing thru NY City, they have tougher laws..........

    So the answer to your questions are NO.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2016
  3. dh1633pm

    dh1633pm Member

    No pistol without a permit. Need permit first. The rifle/shotguns are good to go. No mags over 10 rounds. I would store the pistol out of state and transfer it in when your ready. I think the law makes provision for bringing in a pistol when you move. Its not as nuts as NYC or New Jersey or even MA.

    You can shoot on private property. Need to be a certain distance from a dwelling that doesn't belong to you. I know of no law that says you can't carry on your own property. Concealed or otherwise.
  4. rlj174

    rlj174 Member

    Also, the magazine capacity limit is 10. This does not mean you have a Glock 17 mag with only 10 rounds, you have to have a magazine that has 10 or less capacity.
  5. Salmoneye

    Salmoneye Active Member

  6. Matthew Temkin

    Matthew Temkin Active Member

    1) No. Once you get a gun permit they can be transferred via a FFL.

    2) Yes. The long guns that you mentioned are good to go.

    3) Yes but it depends upon distance from dwellings and circumstances.
    Out in the boonies no sweat. Within a town/ city limits probably not.
    Best to ask local authorities.

    4) Unless actually hunting keep it concealed ( assuming you have a liscense)
    No need to scare the neighbors and have a visit from the local boys in blue.
  7. Ranger Roberts

    Ranger Roberts Become a THR contributing member!

    Thanks everyone! I will pass the info along.
  8. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Active Member

    As to long guns, there are features that make some guns illegal. These include pistol grips, capacity, threaded barrels, overall length, etc. More research may be needed if his guns have certain features.

    As far as carrying concealed, NY has several types of pistol permits. Unless you have a specific concealed carry permit, I'd check whether concealed carry was legal outside the interior of your residence. Walking your property concealed may not be legal without the proper permit.

    Re: a range, that would be local ordinance, not state law, other than discharging a firearm within a certain proximity of a residence or occupied building.
  9. Prince Yamato

    Prince Yamato New Member

    Can I bring my pistol?

    No, you need a pistol license. You cannot get one in NY as a non-resident.

    Can I bring my long guns?

    If bolt or pump-action, you're probably ok. Check about local ordinances though. Rochester bans PGO pump shotguns, for example. The safe act expanded the AWB to ONE feature. So, your semi-autos should probably stay at home.

    Is it legal in NY to have a private range in my yard?

    Yes depending on local ordinances.

    Can I conceal/open carry on my private property if I am not hunting?

    No, because you won't be able to get a non-resident pistol permit, because they don't exist unless you own property in NYS as well as your home state.
  10. steveracer

    steveracer Active Member

    As a NYS resident AND active duty, I can tell you this:
    NY will grant you residence assuming your orders have you stationed in NYS. This is actually not a big deal. No need to own property. Then you will apply in your county (go county shopping to find a gun-friendly one and try your best to live there) for your CCW. Some counties are awesome, and some suck.
    NYS has terrible laws regarding most modern firearms. I bring a pump shotgun and the two handguns in my collection that I actually have NYS permits for (yes permits are specific to your individual guns).
    Shooting on one's own property is no biggie. 500 feet from the nearest occupied dwelling except your own is the rule in at least five counties that I have checked.
    If you need a reliable, military-friendly dealer in NYS who will help you out PM me.

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