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Off topic topics?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by JamisJockey, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

  2. 20cows

    20cows Well-Known Member

    Does this mean we can't talk about how much groceries cost on this forum? :neener:
  3. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    Not unless you're buying ammo with your grocery money.
    Oh, and I guess my off-topic-topics post is off-topic....don'tcha love irony?
  4. Camp David

    Camp David member

    I am a newbie... what is on-topic and off-topic? I read the rules and I see acres of gray area with no specific guidance????
  5. GhostRider66

    GhostRider66 Well-Known Member

    I have posted a couple of things that got closed as being off topic because they were not firearms related. They were however arms related and probably should have been posted in the non-firearms section of THR. Good thing to look out for.
  6. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    On topic should have some reasonable reference to guns or the shooting sports, or be obviously related to either. Recent off topic stuff includes a post on giving kids sports cars and photos of Texas aggies putting plywood on the wrong side of the windows.
  7. 20cows

    20cows Well-Known Member

    If it's not about firearms, 2nd amendment issues, nor self defense, this isn't the place.
  8. GhostRider66

    GhostRider66 Well-Known Member

    I don't really see how this thread is firearms related...seems to me to be more about topics. :rolleyes:
  9. Blue Jays

    Blue Jays Well-Known Member

    Hi JamisJockey-

    Complete with a link to a different forum other than THR.org?

    ~ Blue Jays ~
  10. thumbody

    thumbody Well-Known Member

    Blue Jay
    Oleg createrd the armedpolitesociety as a sister forum so that we would have a place to discuss topics other than firearms.It is not as tightly moderated as THR
  11. torpid

    torpid Well-Known Member

    Completely off topic. Reported.

  12. pax

    pax Well-Known Member

    Good reminder. But ...

    Off Topic.


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