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Officially the PC Police now!!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Erebus, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Erebus

    Erebus Well-Known Member


    I really hope we never stoop this low in this country. Not allowed to defend yourself and the police are too overburdened to investigate crime.
  2. crazed_ss

    crazed_ss Well-Known Member

    We're already there.

    The San Diego PD tries to persuade people not to file reports on burglary crimes and such due to their low manpower. When I lived in Chula Vista, CA.. people would routinely break into the cars on my street. I called the cops everytime.. sometimes an actual cop would come out. Once a cop told me "So what do you want me to do about it, look where you live?" .. It made me so mad, but I guess he had a point.

    Most of the time they send out "community service volunteers" to simply take reports and dust for prints. I assume all that stuff gets filed away somewhere. It seemed like no one was ever arrested, no property ever recovered.
  3. scbair

    scbair Well-Known Member

    But if you had called the PD and said, "Hey! Someone just shot a guy breaking into a car on the street!" . . .

    Betcha you'd have had a real cop on the scene, pronto! :D
  4. chorlton

    chorlton Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a publicity stunt to get more officers and funding.
  5. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe Well-Known Member

  6. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe Well-Known Member

    If you want California cops to show up at someone's doorsteps, just tell them they have unregistered firearms. :eek: They'll show up in less than a nanosecond.
  7. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Great way to keep crime numbers down! Just stop taking the reports or throw them in the trash after you "take" them.

    This has been going on over here in places like Chicago for decades.
  8. liberty911

    liberty911 Well-Known Member

    So I guess it's ok to ignor theft crimes, most likely felonies, but come down hard when someone drives 10 mph over the speed limit. Funny how they have time all the time in the world to sit on the side of the road with a radar gun. Oh, I forgot investigating real crimes does not generate revenue.
  9. MechAg94

    MechAg94 Well-Known Member

    Don't they have a television tax enforcement group in the UK?
  10. politicalpolls.us

    politicalpolls.us Active Member

    I work with a guy from England. He is an IANSA sympathizer. Total anti-gun loony. He believes that the only guns should be illegal.
  11. Iain

    Iain Well-Known Member

    These threads really do come in cycles. I'm sure there is a bad thesis to written on the subject.
  12. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Well-Known Member

    I suppose it would be Ok for the police to 'shed the load' provided the citizenry was equipped and enabled to deal with the 'lesser' crimes.

  13. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    The triumph of socialism is nearly complete in England.
  14. mountainclmbr

    mountainclmbr Well-Known Member

    It will only be when crime losses can be deducted from taxes that the government will care at all. Two like minded groups, and each going after the same loot.

    I have 47 years with a 0% police help record so I stand by my statement. I wish it wasn't so, but I can't lie either. I also make it a point to ask civil servants what my fees will do to benefit me. Without exception, they look at me as if I was crazy.
  15. Autolycus

    Autolycus Well-Known Member

    I have to laugh at England. Everyday they are getting crazier and crazier. Its funny that they are going completely down a road which is leading to more crime and they refuse to take any logical steps to stop it.
  16. chorlton

    chorlton Well-Known Member

    Politicalpolls, we're not all like that. There's a lot of differing opinions on the
    subject, just like here.
    Pilgrim, I couldn't agree more!
    Liberty, again I agree. They do the same thing here whenever a road is closed for construction at night. I always see half a dozen cops using their squad cars as a giant warning sign. I dont think thats the best use of resources, do you? The police of several western nations are starting to struggle (or have been for years), and at the very least, responsible citizens should have every right to defend themselves and their property.
  17. Maxwell

    Maxwell Well-Known Member

    They should, but recently it seems the politicos are happier to see their electorate being abused by criminals rather than have them fight back.
    Without a public in need, how do you argue with the voters for more funding?
  18. Erebus

    Erebus Well-Known Member

    You mean with a public living in fear because they are not allowed to defend themselves and have to look to the gubmint for any kind of protection. Protection that is really a complete myth.

    Will higher taxes Ever yield better protection for the individual?

    How often do you hear/read about the police stopping a home invasion, robbery, murder, rape or other kind of attack?

    How often do you hear/read about them cleaning up the mess long after the attack is over?
  19. Iain

    Iain Well-Known Member

    Ok, that's twice in this thread. Erebus, can you cite the most recent Home Office guidelines on the subject of self defense?
  20. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    So, Iain, perhaps you can explain this little newspaper article? Is it not true?

    If it's a lie, I'd be interested to know that.

    If it's true, then I'd be interested in knowing your take on it.

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