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OKC gun show- the last straw

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bubbaturbo, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. bubbaturbo

    bubbaturbo Well-Known Member

    It seems like gun shows are anything but these days what with all the beef jerky, jewelry, hot wheels cars and black "tactical" holsters for sale and I have all but quit going to them. Yesterday however I had nothing to do and decided to go to the Oklahoma City show. Admission was $10 and I left without entering. Last time I went it was $7. I guess the outrageous admission price was because I would have had the "privilege" of hearing Bo Greitz (sp?) talk. They have priced themselves out of business as far as I am concerned. Usually the only thing priced decently was bulk ammo but you have to buy a lot to make up for a $10 admission. Just ranting I guess.
  2. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member

    You mean he's still making the rounds at the gunshows?

    I saw him at the Tulsa Gunshow back in 1999. Didn't hear him talk, just watched him at the book signing for a sec and then went on to more important endeavors.

    There were only a could of gunshows that I would go to when I lived near Tulsa. The rest were pretty small in comparison and full of beef jerky and doll peddlers. Ohh..and dont' forget the rubber band guns.

    I'm going to the Pensacola Show this weekend. Hopefully it will be a bit better than the last ones.

    Good SHooting
  3. 2nd Amendment

    2nd Amendment member

    It's a shame what appears to have happened to the gun show. The most recent one here was $5 admittance and half the tables didn't show. Almost no pre-ban or military rifles, no "unusual" pistols(one USP in the whole place), 1k+ asking prices on what few AR's were there...

    Thing is this seems to defy logic. Shouldn't this be an excellent time for gun shows to be in their glory? As some things get tougher to find it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out those of us looking for those things are going to head for the biggest groups of owners and dealers we can find. With gun rights improving overall and more shooters coming along you'd think the potential customer count would be better than ever.

    Maybe I should organize an event and sell only to firearms sellers, require a certain minimum amount of stock or type...pah, too much effort. When's the next Indy 1500? At least I can go and be disgusted amongst friends. :D
  4. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Gun shows use to be fun. Very few displays today and too much fun stuff is banned. Cost of ticket is one thing and parking is separate too. What do I get to see? T-shirts, jewelry, coins, nazi-stuff (some of it repro for the Neo-nazis). Bought some out-of-print books and knives at the last one, but all the good gun stuff, when it's not what it use to be. :(
  5. Triad

    Triad Well-Known Member

    The way I lokk at it, there's one enormous gun show going on all the time. The internet. You don't get to fondle, but the selection is great.
  6. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member


    This past weekend's gun show was the best I've been to in some time. One beef jerky table and one table with various sweet-type snacks, and everything else was guns, gun parts & accessories, militaria or western antiques. Great show. Scored some Russkie NVGs, a friggin' beautifully restored Kraggy-Jorgy Model 1896 Carbine, a Martini-Henry rifle, and a Model 31-1 Smith.

    I feel temporarily sated. ;)
  7. Triad

    Triad Well-Known Member

    Temporarily? You think it's possible to be permanently sated?;)
  8. motorep

    motorep Well-Known Member

    I went to the one in Denver yesterday, hoping if nothing else, to run into friends that I haven't seen for a while. Same deal- overpriced AR's, way overpriced AR mags, lots of tables full of the kinds of junk knives you can buy on the Home Shopping channel, Beanie Babies, beef jerky, camo clothing, etc. The most interesting part was going in- I stopped at the "all firearms must be inspected" table, handed the guy my unloaded Commander. He says "are your magazines unloaded?", I say "no", he says "ok", zip ties the Commander, puts the little blue inspection dot on it and hands it back to me. I walk in thinking "???"
  9. perry

    perry Well-Known Member

    Bubba you did'nt miss anything.I went looking to find some 9x18 and did'nt find anything cheaper then 7 bucks abox and i can order it for 5 bucks abox,so i let them keep it.The 10 $ fee was probably because they were letting vets in for free.I would have left also if i would have had to pay.Bo Gritz's belly has had far to many cheeseburgers and his medal collection has grown so big that it covers his whole shirt.For a sooner gun show,it was the worst i've seen,so take my word for it,you saved 10$ and missed Bo's big belly.:D
  10. wardmclark

    wardmclark Member

    Motorep, I was at that same show. Both Crossroads and Tanner seem to be in love with the damned Beanie Baby and beef jerky vendors. And since we have to have NICS checks now for any transaction, you can't even find a good deal from a guy walking up and down the aisles any more. There's not a fifth as many people walking around to make deals as there was a few years ago.

    Good news was I was able to unload a P.O.S. Turk 98 I've had collecting dust in my rack for a few years.
  11. Okiecruffler

    Okiecruffler Well-Known Member

    I had given up on all the OKC gunshows, even Claude Hall's has become a scam, but I went to a show in Ft. Worth right after moving down here and I was blown away. Walked out with 600rds of 7.62X39 for $50. But I made the mistake of passing up an M91 already cleaned up for $40, thinking I might find a better one. We all know how those stories end.
  12. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    Gun Shows worth remembering...

    Never regretted the Big Reno Show, at the Hilton. A true gun show if ever there was. ;)
  13. geegee

    geegee Well-Known Member

    I went to the Dallas Market Hall Show this weekend. The ticket was $7.00, which doesn't sit well with most of us, but IMO it is a pretty good show. I rarely leave there without buying something, even if only some ammo.

    I have to admit, I believe the DFW area has some of the most competitively priced gun & knife stuff around. It's gotten to where if I see something anywhere near full retail, I ask myself "What the heck is this guy thinking?" :confused: geegee
  14. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    Beef Jerky,Brownies ,Jewerly,and Books sounds like a PRK gun show.:neener:
  15. DamnedDirtyApe

    DamnedDirtyApe Well-Known Member

    He's dead ain't he? I think he suicided over a woman.

    Maybe the $10.00 was for a seance with him.
  16. Ron L

    Ron L Well-Known Member

    I look at the shows as "entertainment". I'm usually willing to pay $5 to be entertained. And we use the shows as a chance for the guys to get together and chew the fat before we head out for the obligatory meal. The prices are usually not that spectacular, but I did find a fiber optic SG site that saved me $15, so I made the admission back. I also use the shows as an opportunity to show my kids a lot of various guns that they've never seen before but I've run into ad-nauseum.

    The Beanie Babies, rubber band guns, and Ronco knife sharpener hawkers have got to go though.

    And, sorry, but at the risk of sounding ignorant, who's Bo Greitz?
  17. Col. Mustard

    Col. Mustard Well-Known Member

    I am puzzled about this, also...

  18. VaughnT

    VaughnT Well-Known Member

    I'll agree. Here in West SC, the shows suck. Admission is cheap, but only twenty tables and never a good deal. Basically, the local shops move over to the show for two days and try to sell at even higher prices to recoup the costs of moving over to the show!

    There's another show in Asheville NC, March 14-15, that I might go to. I don't know anything about it, but I haven't been there before and might just use it as an excuse for a road trip. Asheville's pretty in the spring.

    Otherwise, I pretty much stay away from them unless I'm running low on .45 ammo; Georgia Arms usually has a booth at the G'ville show.
  19. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    Gunshows...cheaper than seeing a movie and better exercise. JT
  20. Diesle

    Diesle Well-Known Member

    Who cares about an extra $3 now a'days..... The cost of a damn hamburger.....

    Id say you overreacted by boycotting the show. Did you go out to lunch instead...?


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