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One gun for pure fun?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by CJW, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. CJW

    CJW Active Member

    Hi folks. I'm in the happy position of having all of my gun "needs" fulfilled, but I have the means right now to buy something for the sake of pure fun at the range. I guess I'm just looking for something different that would be a fun diversion from all my other task-oriented firearms. I'm open to all calibers and action types. What would you suggest adding to the following collection?

    Glock 17 (main HD gun)
    Glock 19 (wife's gun)
    S&W MP340 (main carry gun)
    S&W 637 (backup carry gun)
    Ruger GP-100
    Dan Wesson 6" 357
    Browning Hi-Power
    Springfield Milspec 1911
    Two Makarovs
    Ruger Mk II
    Ruger Bearcat (kid's favorite!)

    Ruger bolt action 7.62x39 (main deer rifle)
    Romanian AK-47
    Winchester lever action 357
    Savage 17 HMR
    Rem 870 (12 ga.)
    Rem 870 (20 ga.)
    Mosin M44
    Rossi single shot 22 (kid's)
  2. Azusa

    Azusa New Member

    For pure fun, short of NFA title 2 arms, it's hard to beat a Saiga 12. Most are way overpriced right now, though.
  3. Oxidation

    Oxidation Active Member

    Desert Eagle in 50ae. Mines a blast to shoot and gets tons of love at the range.
  4. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    Impossiable for me to narrow it down to only one.

    Centerfire Rifle, U.S. Carbine, Winchester 30/30 cast light loads
    Rimfire Rifle, Henry .22 Lever action

    Centerfire Handgun, Kimber 45
    Rimfire Handgun, Browning or Walther Target.

    And all the rest are frosting on the cake.
  5. Ankeny

    Ankeny Well-Known Member

    Pure fun? Hard to beat a USPSA Open blaster race gun. :D
  6. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat Well-Known Member

    How about something in black powder for a change of pace?
    Maybe a cap n ball revolver?
  7. jeepnik

    jeepnik Well-Known Member

  8. gp911

    gp911 Well-Known Member

    H&R Buffalo Classic .45-70. Throw a tang sight on it and start practicing those 1000yd shots where you have about 100ft of drop to compensate for. You can shoot loads from mild to wild and if you feel froggy you can have it reamed to .45-120 or similar and do some black powder shenanigans. There's just something about shooting on a big piece of property and using Kentucky windage to walk your shots in like artillery.
  9. gspn

    gspn Well-Known Member

    Tough for me to say since everyone has a different idea of fun.

    If I were you...I'd go down to the biggest gun store around...something with a huge inventory...and I'd just walk around until something jumped out at me.
  10. pat701

    pat701 member

    Your missing Sig P226 9mm:what:
  11. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    My Ruger Vaquero in .45LC is definitely my idea of a pure fun gun. It's just a great way to spend an afternoon plinking away at a bunch of empty cans and bottles.
  12. WoodchuckAssassin

    WoodchuckAssassin Well-Known Member

    How about a Ruger Charger? Not sure if that counts as a pistol, but having one of those with a bull barrel would be real fun at the range...not to mention it's cheep to shoot.

    OR what about a Rossi Ranchhand in 45 LC? There classified as a pistol.
  13. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    I have some black powder arms for fun. My favorite is a double barreled coach gun by Pedersoli.

    I got my 1894 Marlin .44 mag cowby ltd 'for fun' mostly, though I 'd be comforatble to take it hunting or keep it handy for defense.
  14. ArcherandShooter

    ArcherandShooter Well-Known Member

    Sig Trailsider in .22. Made by Hammerli it is the most fun plinking pistol I've ever shot.
  15. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    .44MAG revolver, especially a Ruger Redhawk. If you handload you can use it as a big-bore plinker or a hand cannon, and anything in between.
  16. gbran

    gbran Well-Known Member

    You're missing a big bore handgun, a big bore long gun, you don't have any hi-power above 7.62 x 54.
  17. 2nd 41

    2nd 41 Well-Known Member

    Model 41 S&W in 5 or 7" or with a Clarks barrel. And definitely scope it.
  18. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

    I see someone already beat me to the .45-70...:evil:
  19. CApighunter

    CApighunter Well-Known Member

    Ruger 10/22. Mine is a blast to shoot with the true-shot sights I put on it.
  20. highlander 5

    highlander 5 Well-Known Member

    1874 Shiloh Sharps Long Range Express in 45/70 with 500 grain bullets.

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