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Optics help on a Remington 7615

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by AndyJ, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. AndyJ

    AndyJ Well-Known Member

    I will admit right up front that I am a totally ignorant when it comes to optics.

    So here is the deal...

    I have a Remington 7615 Ranch Carbine truck gun that I dearly love.


    I tried the ARs and the Mini 14s and all the rest and this is the one that suits me the best. I use it for varmints and critters around the ranch -- 150yds is a long shot for me. It has a Bushnell Trophy 1x32 on it and I just find it a bit lacking. My old eyes and trifocals need just a skoosh of magnification these days. Plus, it sits just a trifle high and I have to raise up just a tad to get a good sight picture.

    Keeping in mind how ignorant I am, what would be the recommendations?

    I don't want to drop a butt load of money and I don't want any cheap Chinese crap either.

    No deer or elk or buffalo or such at 400 yds. I am talking minute of hog or 'yote. 100-150yds through the mesquite, huisache and yaupon is good enough.

    It has to be robust because it is gonna live behind the seat of my Suburban or propped in the cab of a D8. I don't abuse my stuff but everything has to earn its' keep.

    I would like it to set a little lower on the receiver to get a better cheek weld.

    I would like it to have some good eye relief and field of view. I think that is what you call it. I can't get up real close to a scope with these coke bottle lens I wear. It is hell to get old, let me tell ya.

    Also some recommendations on rings to mount it to the rail would be nice... all this stuff is confusing as Chinese arithmetic to me.
  2. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    I had a 7615p that I used several different optics on. In my opinion a low powered conventional riflescope mounted with a one piece "redfield" base is the most functional setup for targets critters and fun shooting

    Look at some of the low powered leupold vx1's for optics as they give generous amounts of eye relief compared to other manufacturers. IMO the 1.5x4x20 vx1 is perfect
  3. Snakum

    Snakum Well-Known Member

    I was going to go the peep sight or red dot route on mine, but stuck a Nikon Pro Staff 2-7x30 on it instead in order to get into the woods again (I needed a very light centerfire due to an injury that makes carrying my Model 70s or Rem 700s difficult right now). I have really fallen for the 2x setting on the Nikon as being just about perfect for snap shots. In just one day in the field with it I've even been able to get comfortable sweeping areas via the scope with both eyes open, just like with a reflex sight on my AKs. Then I can always reach up and dial in more mag if needed for a shot or a check out - at the range I zero'd at 4x then checked out the POI drift at various mag settings so I know where to shift.

    So I'm becoming a low-power scope fan, as opposed to red dot/reflex sights and peeps/chost rings. I've seeeeen the light. :D
  4. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Well-Known Member

    What kind of cash are you thinking of spending?
  5. AndyJ

    AndyJ Well-Known Member

    I want to spend enough to get a good scope without spending what I call "silly" money. Some people have to have the best regardless of cost. I would rather have pretty good at an economical price.
  6. Snakum

    Snakum Well-Known Member

    I'd vote Bushnell Trophy, Nikon Pro Staff, or Pentax for quality low powered glass under $200.
  7. eddism

    eddism Well-Known Member

    EO Tech XPS HWS with magnification and nightvision works extremely well. And they are predesigned for .223 or .308, etal. With the looks of your rail you'd need to have that extended to accomidate this tactical equipment.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2009
  8. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Well-Known Member

    Check out one of the Weaver 44/40's.
    They have been really good sellers for us, and no problems so far...where's the wood to knock on!?!

    If you can find one of the recently discontinued 'Intensity' brand(ATK/Federal) Aspherical scope, they are really good also. Same scope as the Weaver 44/40.
    All of the mentioned units are less than $200 Retail!


  9. farscott

    farscott Well-Known Member

    Since it is a light rifle and you only want a bit of magnification, I would suggest the Leupold 2.5x20 FX-II Ultralight scope. It weighs about 7.5 ounces and costs $270. I much prefer the simplicity and reliability of a fixed-power scope, especially Leupolds. You mention good eye relief and durability; those are Leupold hallmarks. FOV is 39.5 feet at 100 yards. Eye relief is 4.9 inches.

    LEVRLOVR Well-Known Member

    I went with a Weaver 1x5 Grand Slam on mine.

    (I have a picture of it with the two turkeys I took a couple weeks ago), in the hunting section.

    It is quick pointing at lower power and gives enough magnification for the longer shots.

    I would also suggest the Weaver v3 that I have mounted on a .44 Marlin carbine.

    I have Leupold and Burris scopes on other rifles but none compare to the value that the Weavers offer in my opinion.

    Oops Andy, just noticed you replied to that thread.

    Also, I have mine set up with a Weaver base and Leupold quik release rings. This is the same setup I use on many of my scoped levers and I really like it.

    I think another good choice for these rifles would be one of the old El paso straight 4x scopes or maybe even a 2.5x.

    I have 3 or 4 of the older weavers that I sent in to be refurbished and they came back with new glass and crosshairs.

    They are a bit heavier than the newer ones but very rugged.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2009
  11. AndyJ

    AndyJ Well-Known Member

    I hate threads where people ask for advice and then you never know what happens. Y'all have spent some time helping me out here and here is what I decided to do... I took your advice and your logic to heart but not exactly your specific recommendations. :what:

    I decided a low power variable scope was a good thing.

    I decided I really liked the lighted reticle on the Bushnell Trophy- it sure helped my tired eyes.

    I decided $200 was the max I would spend. I am not in the situation where a world class set of optics is required.

    I wanted a lifetime guarantee.

    Weight was not a factor because I don't hump this rifle through the brush all day and I am not about to start. That is what my Kawasaki Mule is for.

    I did not want anything tactical - period. If I did , I would drink the AR kool aid. Tried it, didn't care for it. YMMV and more power to you.

    So I got this.. Mueller 2-7X32

    # FOV @ 100 yds: 47′–18′
    # Weight: 13.3 oz
    # Eye Relief: 3.25″
    # Overall length: 11.3″

    Maybe I could do with a little more eye relief but I can deal with it a s a trade off for other features. Mueller seems to have a good rep and a no-nonsense marketing approach. I sorta like giving my money to the little guy as well when I can.

    I would like to hear your opinions even though the die is cast and the funds have already zip-zipped from my bank account through some magic electronic highway to Dalton,GA where my Mueller scope has been waiting in the warehouse.

    Now for the rings -think I could get some more help there?

    I have 2 weaver bases and one Redfield JR 1 piece base that fit the 7615. I don't need a set of rings that will absorb the recoil of a Barrett .50 and then again I don't need a set that are cheap potmetal.

    Thanks for the help!
  12. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Well-Known Member

    Leupold PRW rings. Simple, rugged, steel and not expensive.

    If you want Quick release rings, check out the Leupold QRW, same as the PRW but with levers to tighten the clamps instead of screws.
  13. AndyJ

    AndyJ Well-Known Member

    Leupold PRW rings on the way.

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