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Outdoor/Action Shooting Ranges in Tampa/Sarasota Area

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Evergreen, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know the best outdoor shooting ranges in Tampa/Sarasota area that are accepting new members. I have seen the Manatee Gun Club in Myakka City and it looks like the best one around. The only downside about it is that seems a bit farther out, especially from Tampa, and is not the cheapest, since you pay per day; they seem to lack annual memberships. Anyway, can anyone tell me what ranges in the area have up to 200+ yard rifle ranges and also have action pistol and rifle ranges available.
  2. rskent

    rskent Well-Known Member

  3. Kwanger

    Kwanger Well-Known Member

    The Manatee Range does offer annual memberships for $100 (I recall there is also a $50 one time fee for the first year). Then, its only $5 to shoot as opposed to $18. If you go 7 times a year or more - membership is the way.


    The other one in the area is the Hernando Sportsman's Club - will depend on where you live, may well be even further out. They have some good 3 Gun/Action Rifle/Shotgun and Pistol competitions on a regular basis.


    Short range wise, Guncraft in Ruskin is a good one - a bit like shooting in your back yard. They are supporters of the USPSA side of things, and host a match every first Sunday. They have three 35yd berms, and a self run range (no RO's) - if you get the better membership for $200 a year, it costs you nothing each time you shoot and you get the use of the top berm all to yourself if its free.

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