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Palmetto state armory upper shipping times?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by atalkingsausage, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have ordered an AR upper from PSA in the last month or so? What sort of wait time are their customers currently experiencing? Also, how is their QC holding up through all of the insane panic buying? I would ask them directly but I know they're swamped and i don't want to be a pain. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. mgmorden

    mgmorden Active Member

    No clue on shipping gun parts, but I've got a good bit of .22LR ammo ordered from them (which is still showing as in-stock even now) as of about 3 weeks ago and its still showing up as "Processing". To me that suggests that its taking at least that long to fill in-stock orders.
  3. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override New Member

    What about this:
    I ordered about ten boxes of .303 "British" about ten days ago, and after credit card entries etc, the "order" button was pushed and the Palmetto website said that my order was complete. Days later the website stated that that Prvi ammo was sold out.

    I ordered nothing during the previous ammo panic in '08, and this time a guy at Gunandgame noticed that prices or entries on "Ammoseek" were not up to date for Palmetto .303.

    Even though I have a fair bit of reloadable .303, is it likely that the intense work loads for gun orders will then allow staff to fill the "small fish" ammo orders?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
  4. firedawg60

    firedawg60 Member

    A friend received an upper yesterday that I believe he ordered around 12/20-12/21. I gave it a quick look but didn't see anything bad that caught my eye.
  5. Aiko492

    Aiko492 New Member

    i have been in their main store in Columbia 3 times in the past few weeks, they are soooo crowded its a wonder they get anything processed. Although there is nothing to buy other than handguns.
  6. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer New Member

    I ordered a LPK from them on Dec 13th, it arrived Jan 6th.
  7. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    I ordered a 16" midlength upper on Dec. 16. Still waiting and I'm SOOOOOOO anxious to go shooting lol. I sent them a status request so hopefully I'll know something this week.
  8. Virginiamike

    Virginiamike New Member

    Psa upper

    My curiosity had been eating me up.. I ordered a psa mid length premium madness upper no bcg or charging handle on dec 19..... so last week I contacted them.. I pasted the corospondence below deleting my personal info.. I did read that they were delayed because of heavy volume and holidays which I understand but when I clicked order the upper was in stock and I reciever an order confirmation..............

    Your order is still processing, all uppers take approximately 3-4 weeks to manufacture before shipping. Once it is complete you will receive an email with the ups tracking information.

    Brent S.

    Customer Service Rep.
    Palmetto State Armory
    200 Business Park Blvd.
    Columbia, SC 29203

    -----Original Message-----
    From: PSA [mailto:info@palmettostatearmory.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 12:40 PM
    To: info
    Subject: Contact Form


    Comment: I am checking the status of number xxxxxxx, I understand that we just came through a holiday season and that business has been unusually heavy. I placed this order on December 19 and haven't heard anything since, just making sure it didn't get lost in the shuffle.
  9. Virginiamike

    Virginiamike New Member

    Just received a ups tracking number!! Woo hoo!! Let me know if you got yours.
  10. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    I got a response from the email i sent them. they said its being manufactured. so i guess it should be coming soonish.
  11. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    I can tell you that despite having low stock, they are very busy and have not jacked up their prices, at least at the store.
  12. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    Yeah, I completely understand their side of the situation. From what I hear they hired at least 20 people last month alone and are hiring anybody who can pass a background check in order to keep up with demand. They are extremely busy just like every other manufacturer in the gun industry. Im not dissatisfied with them. I'm just like a kid waiting on Christmas lol.
  13. ICE1210

    ICE1210 New Member

    On Dec. 26 I ordered some parts from Palmetto on the 28 I ordered an upper. My order was consolidated into one order and delivered on the 10 of Jan. Well within the 15 business day timeframe I was informed of when I ordered them. Everything seems fine quality control wise, fit and finish is good. Palmetto is a great company to do business with, but they are still a young company that's buried in orders right now. Have patience with them, they may be a bit slow getting it to you, but they will. The only complaint I have with Palmetto is they are out of BCGs:banghead:
  14. rhinoh

    rhinoh New Member

    I kinda doubt their store volume has much to do with their internet business. One of their managers told me that the internet part is a completely separate business, which is also why the store won't match their own internet prices most of the time I've asked.
  15. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    Just got word that my order is ready for pickup! So for anyone keeping track that is one month exactly for my order to be ready. not bad considering current events.
  16. Virginiamike

    Virginiamike New Member

    Delivered just now, exactly four weeks from the day I placed the order. I definitely have no problem with slight delay. Thank you Palmetto State Armory! I am grateful to have everything I need put this rifle together. I just hope it will not be the last one I build.
  17. Plan2Live

    Plan2Live New Member

    Were you there Friday afternoon 12/28/12? I was and picked up two lowers for $119.00 each and two Pmags for $16.00 each. Apparently they had just "found" a few boxes back in the warehouse and brought them out to the floor. It was nothing short of a flash mob and I bought the last two lowers from that batch. Ashley, the sales girl, was polite, friendly and helpful, unlike some of the men sales folk milling around. Talk about attitudes. Geesh!
  18. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    I picked up my upper yesterday. seems to be top quality however the guy that helped me was pretty rude. Even so, I won't let one guy ruin a whole company for me. All things considered they were really good to deal with.
  19. stonecutter2

    stonecutter2 Active Member

    Yeah, these are high stress times for workers...good on you for cutting him some slack.

    Congrats on the purchase!
  20. atalkingsausage

    atalkingsausage New Member

    Yeah I hope it isn't the last one you build either. I dont see how politicians can legislate something that they clearly don't understand, and we are considered criminals if we do not comply. can someone explain this to me?

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